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a word introduced because an existing term has become inadequate

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A good example of the retronym phenomenon in English is the case of the word 'watch' which originally referred to the analogue pointer.
Two or more words are put together to derive retronyms and these words contribute partially to the meaning of the retronym.
When the features are sufficient to count as an instance of a known concept, the name of the known concept is revisited to derive a retronym for the new concept.
The derivation of a retronym using a stem assumes that the opposite stem retronym is there as well.
The construction of the Ndebele retronym is premised on the philosophy that culture is divided into two; English and African, and that all technology is part of the English culture.
Western colonialism affects the Ndebele ethnocentric retronym up to the present day.
In ecological and material concepts the Ndebele ethnocentric retronym uses Ndebele primary stems to retro name English concepts among other concepts.
The Ndebele philosophy guiding retronym derivation creates an almost predictable compounding that uses the secondary stems -isintu and -isikhiwa.
Ndebele English English Supposed Ndebele Religious Stem Equivalent Retronym Retronym inyanga doctor witchdoctor Inyanga yesikhiwa isangoma prophet witch hunter Isangoma sesikhiwa ukuthethela Sacrificing/ Evil/ancestor Ukuthethela offering appeasing kwesikhiwa umbuyiso Sacramento ancestor worship Umbuyiso wesikhiwa imikhobo demons African magic Imikhobo yesikhiwa
The appropriate ethnocentric retronym would then be isangoma sesikhiwa (an English sangoma) for prophet.
It is only colonialism that has created a difference between the two concepts and the Ndebele ethnocentric retronym has fallen prey to this colonial construct.
The derogatory philosophy used by the English to derive retronyms for Ndebele concepts has affected Ndebele retronym derivation.
When the Ndebele use another culture which is not English as a secondary stem for a retronym, it is to mock or despise the concept.
Table3: Example of Ndebele derogatory retronyms Culture Primary Stem English of Origin Retronym impahla clothes China impahlazeTshayina/ zhingzhong ilobolo bride price Shona ilobololesiShona inkomo cattle Tonga inkomoyesiTonga igwayi tobacco Tonga igwayilesiTonga umvundla rabbit Shona umvundlawesiShona inkomo Cow Tswana inkomoyamaTswana Primary Stem English impahla fake clothes ilobolo unreasonably high lobola charge inkomo small breed of cattle igwayi Tonga tobacco/dagga umvundla Shona rabbit/ mice inkomo Tswana cow/ donkey