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  • verb

Synonyms for retrogress

to slip from a higher or better condition to a former, usually lower or poorer one

to move in a reverse direction

to move back or away from a point, limit, or mark

Synonyms for retrogress

get worse or fall back to a previous condition

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While its neighbors progress, "Nicaragua has increasingly retrogressed toward practices suitable for the previous century," said the letter.
But the fifth point retrogressed into an act of censorship that mocked First Amendment-protected ecumenicity.
Oregon's giant Tektronix retrogressed, cutting corporate employment from 23,890 in 1980 to 12,392 in 1990.
The maritime sector retrogressed in the last four years.
He told the function that the cedi had retrogressed 7% on currency depreciation and that of Euro had depreciated by 6%, with the pound sterling plummeting about 5%, and the South Africa Rand and Kenya Shilling about 12% and 8% respectively.
This is something we need to focus on not because we have retrogressed, but because other countries are also doing a lot more in terms of making sure they have gender equality,' Reyes said.
"Whereas Europe metamorphosed from coal to clean energy, the Philippines 'retrogressed' from clean energy (geothermal, natural gas, hydro and dendrothermal) to coal, not by choice but by necessity.
Today, civilization has retrogressed. And it will take not only a change of government, but a change of the system and culture-embedded by decades of poverty, misery and abuse-to reverse the barbarism of today.
The tonalitic suite is exposed to the north and is strongly mylonitised and retrogressed along the fault boundary with formations from the Yaounde Group
From a load shedding schedule of 12 hours light-off every five days, we have retrogressed to a 12-hour light-off every other day and are currently being subjected to a 15-hour lights-off every other day even though this latest move has not been officially announced.
As a result, political relations between the two countries have rapidly retrogressed.
Homosexuality was still closeted in those earlier times, whereas today, television, movies, and books deal with it euphemistically as another "lifestyle." Hollywood has come a long way (read, retrogressed) in encouraging looser morals.
Those photographs for me in reflection - because photos give you a sense of history and culture-prove that we have retrogressed in terms of political campaigning, the responsibility of so-called people who want to lead us and the fact that the electorate is not aware of what campaigning should be.
So far, there was practically nothing from the Mayweather camp to detail his full worth, or dispute what Roach has maintained that the unbeaten American boxing superstar has retrogressed.
One real lesson of the coup is how Ghana has retrogressed over the last 40 years.