retrograde amnesia

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loss of memory for events immediately preceding a trauma

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Later, they had the mice to suffer from retrograde amnesia by injecting anisomycin, which alters memory formation.
Amnesia as a symptom of conversion disorder is referred as psychogenic amnesia; the memory loss mostly is isolated retrograde amnesia.
Brown cleverly adopts a new device here though - we first find Langdon coming round in a hospital bed, attended by Dr Brooks, with what seems to be retrograde amnesia.
The patient was alert and oriented with retrograde amnesia from the time of convulsion.
Retrograde amnesia erased all memory of the accident's circumstances.
His trial was earlier postponed following three doctors' ruling that he was "incapable of standing proceedings due to extensive retrograde amnesia.
The injury left her with complete retrograde amnesia, the inability to remember the past, a condition sometimes called Hollywood amnesia because it seldom happens outside the movies.
After a car accident causes retrograde amnesia, Samantha Newly digs through clues to discover that she was a horrible person.
She is involved in a hit-and-run accident and ends up suffering retrograde amnesia.
SEASON 1 (Cert 12, 450 mins) CHRISTINA Applegate headlines this US sitcom playing the titular vice president of a real estate firm who is involved in a hit-andrun accident and suffers retrograde amnesia.
Benzodiazepines also may cause dizziness, confusion, tolerance and cognitive impairment, especially retrograde amnesia.
1) According to the AAN, this change in mental status usually lasts less than 24 hours and may be coupled with symptoms of vertigo, headache, nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, photophobia, blurred vision, and anterograde or retrograde amnesia.
This search revealed reports listed as transient amnesia, transient global amnesia, wandering amnesia, anterograde amnesia, dissociative amnesia, and retrograde amnesia.
He regained consciousness in the morning, but had a dense left-sided hemiplegia, expressive dysphasia and retrograde amnesia.