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to move back or away from a point, limit, or mark

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Although the retrocession market has seen price hardening with significant rate increases, its use by primary reinsurers has been flat, the report said.
"The 2020 Retro Fund is expected to provide investors with access to property catastrophe retrocession exposure via a single-entry point and platform, and we expect it will additionally present a convenient and compelling offering to both our cedents and brokers," he added.
L'accord de retrocession stipule expressement que Hong Kong doit jouir, jusqu'en 2047, d'une semi-autonomie n'existant pas en Chine continentale.
The NDBI retrocession is required to keep the placement separate from the main placement.
NetInvest Potentiel is a mutual fund invested in transferable securities whose purpose is the participation, on behalf of the unitholders and with a view to its retrocession or transfer, to increasing investment opportunities and capital of companies.
La periode pour la retrocession d'un logement AADL ramenee a deux ans Le projet de loi de finances 2017 prevoit la reduction de la periode necessaire pour la retrocession d'un logement de type location-vente (AADL) en la ramenant de cinq ans actuellement a deux ans.
Chedid Re delivers comprehensive reinsurance and retrocession treaty and facultative solutions to over 270 insurance companies spread in 22 countries in the MENA region and Europe through offices in Beirut, Dubai, Limassol, and Riyadh.
Silverton Re will enter into a quota share retrocession agreement with Aspen under which it will reinsure a proportionate share of Aspen's globally diversified property catastrophe excess of loss portfolio, the company says.
The agreement will substantially increase Insure Direct's insurance capabilities in the region as well as provide the potential to capitalise on larger local wholesale, reinsurance and retrocession opportunities.
(4) If present, it is necessary to include the court decision which supports the retrocession application or examples of the contracts between the parties and Turkish legislation regarding custody or guardianship as well as the documents which might solve the conflict.
Le protocole de Paris de 1994 prevoit la retrocession par IsraE1/2l de ces taxes, qui representent deux tiers des recettes budgetaires propres de l'Autorite palestinienne, sans lesquelles elle n'est pas en mesure de payer ses fonctionnaires.
The parties noted with satisfaction that the issue of the outstanding payment of the retrocession for cross-border commuters has been resolved and the payment order in favour of Italy has been issued.
Mr Albert Nduna, Group Managing Director of Zimbabwe Group reinsurance are faced with some challenges in Africa including socio-economic which have their impact especially in the international insurance markets where the reinsurance arm of the insurance sector in the continent get their retrocession which have been debilitated by a number of challenges.