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to move back or away from a point, limit, or mark

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Une participation de la retrocession a 39% de la charge sinistre brute totale.
1) According to Article 6/2 of the statute numbered 5717, the authoritative court in matters relating to retrocession or bargaining rights is the family court, situated in the residence of the child during the application, according to Article 10 of the statute.
Swiss Re estimates its claims burden to be around $900 million, net of retrocession and before tax.
Additionally, preliminary estimates for losses from flooding in Thailand in the third and fourth quarter of 2011 will negatively impact the company's fourth quarter results from continuing operations by about USD13m to USD18m net of reinstatement premiums and retrocession, while it expects a minimal impact on its 2012 results from continuing operations, from the Costa Concordia shipwreck.
Country: , Canada, USASector: InsuranceTarget: Manulife Financial's life retrocession businessBuyer: Pacific Life Insurance CompanyVendor: Manulife Financial CorpType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
Manulife Financial Corporation (Manulife) (NYSE: MFC) has said that it has agreed to sell its Life Retrocession business to Pacific Life Insurance Company (Pacific Life), based in the United States, for an undisclosed sum.
The down grading of the Reinsurance companies in Africa, he observed, arose from delays in reinsurance premium remittances, and as such the retrocession costs are raised.
9% Source: Munich Re Annual Percentage Change: Life Reinsurance Retrocession vs.
insured need not worry about cascading tax liabilities that arise through subsequent reinsurance and retrocession arrangements.
Since retrocession, the ultimate power to interpret statutes has been passed on from the CFA to the National People's Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC).
The retrocession abroad is generally for high valued risks like Aviation.
Alarmed by the threat implicit in Spain's retrocession of Louisiana to France in 1800, President Jefferson appointed James Monroe to purchase New Orleans and West Florida from the French.
The maintenance of the negative outlook is due to recent volatilities of technical earnings associated with Kuwait Re's inward retrocession business.
C'est aussi une progression des primes nettes de retrocession de 31,3% par rapport au 30/06/2015 pour atteindre 38,350 MDT, une evolution de la charge de sinistre brute de 31% due en grande partie a l'impact du taux de change sur les acceptations etrangeres a la suite de la depreciation du dinar vis-a-vis des monnaies etrangeres et une participation de la retrocession a 49 % de la charge sinistre brute totale.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: work of mastery vrd market for the repair of roads and sewerage networks for retrocession four residences sia habitat heritage - 2015 program - 2018.