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Synonyms for retrocede

to move back or away from a point, limit, or mark

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The development, which is attributable to an agreement that Reinsurance Group of America has accomplished recently, will make RGA Reinsurance carry out retroceding of around $200 billion of active individual life reinsured amount at risk.
While generally paying dividends to its common shareholders, Optimum Re has maintained a stable risk-adjusted capital position by retroceding out a sizable portion of assumed insurance risk utilizing in many instances, well established retrocessionaires.
While generally paying dividends to their common shareholders, the companies have maintained solid risk-adjusted capitalization by retroceding out a sizable fraction of assumed insurance risk.
5% in 2007) due to a change in the retrocession strategy during 2008, with Eurasia following its overall conservative approach and retroceding more business for some riskier classes of business.
But problems among pool members involve deeper levels of reinsurance, in which other companies assume portions of each others' reinsurance risk, known as retroceding.