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Synonyms for retroactive

descriptive of any event or stimulus or process that has an effect on the effects of events or stimuli or process that occurred previously

affecting things past

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To understand how retroactive date functions - let's take another example:
This Court's intervention is necessary to reconfirm due process imposes meaningful constraints on retroactive tax legislation, especially when such legislation is enacted to overturn judicial decisions.
Placed OF Josh Hamilton, LHP Tyler Skaggs and RHPs Cory Rasmus and Garrett Richards on the 15-day DL, retroactive to March 27.
Nevertheless, renewable electricity producers will have to pay a 10% retroactive tax on their income starting 1 January 2014, he explained.
Retroactive Legislation and Financial Statement Reporting Interpretations
On a new policy, the insurer may impose any retroactive date it deems appropriate.
The four appellants stressed the rule against retroactive application of legislation and the fact that the Divorce Act does not use the word "retroactive" in the section under which initial support orders are made.
Perhaps even more serious, a retroactive adjustment of earlier reported earnings may lead to situations where some revenues, expenses and even net assets will never once pass through a current period earnings statement or the balance sheet.
Gay" advocate Elliott estimates that 1,500 homosexuals across the country will be eligible for the extended benefits and that this will cost the federal government $400 million in retroactive payments.
Virtually all claims-made policies have a retroactive date that serves to limit the time period in which an incident must occur in order for coverage to be available.
Claims-made insurance policies respond to claims made in writing during the policy period, which occurs after the retroactive date.
03, which was due in full by Wednesday, May 28, is retroactive for the period April 1,2002, to April 1, 2003.
Terms such as tail, extended reporting periods, claims made, occurrence and retroactive dates represent concepts that have become critical to understand.
They're really interested in that; they want it and they're willing to pay the price, but we're not willing to take a chance yet on a retroactive tariff.