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an action elicited by a stimulus

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Afin de fournir a ces dirigeants un moyen qui leur permettrait d'obtenir une retroaction sur leurs agissements comme chef de l'entreprise et qui appuierait leur demarche de perfectionnement professionnel, un instrument d'evaluation multisource a ete elabore, puis mis a leur disposition par leur association.
The procedure based on retroaction avoids confrontations between experts and preserves their anonymity.
The most important is to have the goals clearly enunciated, to make the student aware of the methodology to be used and of the structure of the activity, to privilege incentives using group work, collaboration and cooperation, formative and procedural evaluation, to define tasks with deadlines, to be attentive to the retroaction and to take care so that the technology is integrated by the student (HILU, 2006, p.
Only by an effect of retroaction from the anticipated identifications do we understand that what happens in the mirror stage is the formation of a 'rootstock'.
A cet egard, la retroaction attendue de la population dans le programme s'est accrue depuis 2006.
It is nothing 'other than an exacting series of enquiries into the disjunction, into the Two, which, in the retroaction of the encounter, turns out to have always been one of the laws of the situation' (189).
To achieve successful IPR protection in the firm's internal sphere, frequent reminding and training is necessary: 'We train and educate employees to really understand why the protection of IP is so important and to respect that if IP is given to third parties, it will hurt the company in the first way, but that it also has a retroaction to every single employee'.
13 La question de savoir si le fait de se servir de l'ecriture pour la construction de l'identite signifiait un abandon du lecteur, ou bien si le lecteur pouvait participer "sans risques "etait une des questions soulevees par la theorie de la retroaction.
Le cycle sur la famille de 2006 offrait une retroaction sur ce programme, en particulier pour determiner quand les parents retournent au travail apres la naissance ou l'adoption d'un enfant et si le soutien offert aux parents est optimal.
Mais comme l'observera tres justement le juge Rothstein, la retroaction de l'exelusivite ou la reconnaissance d'un interet dans le droit d'auteur au sens de l'article 13(7) LDA ne determine pas la nature des droits engages en cas de manquement (116).
Des boucles complexes de retroaction peuvent provoquer des effets de beaucoup plus grande portee que les effets directs: p.
A dynamical model of plant growth with full retroaction between organogenesis and photosynthesis.
This misrecognition, then, occurs within a complex combination of anticipation and retroaction.
Nevertheless, we tested the effect of a possible caribou-wolf retroaction mechanism.
The analysis performed is not that of conversation, because discourse analysis is asynchronous, with an immediacy in retroaction and response that sometimes, as we have already indicated, may be restrictive.