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tighten one's belt

make a reduction, as in one's workforce

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It's true that the more senior you are in a company, the more difficult it is to find another job when you are retrenched. Many firms hire the services of outplacement agencies to restore the self-esteem of the retrenched staff and to assist the person get another job as soon as possible.
Its financial struggle, however, has forced it to retrench 7,000 workers in December of last year.
It was reported in November 2016 that EAPCC planned to retrench 1,000 out of its 1,500 employees and sell part of its land worth Sh8 billion for a turnaround.
There were fears that Air India would retrench some employees to cut operational costs, but the minister made it clear that there was no plans to retrench any employee, rather they would be looking forward to the restructuring plan that the airline would be submitting in a month's time.
If Tong Tong bounced off the air bag and spent one day in hospital, the company's decision to retrench h*n should stay.
"We will not retrench anyone, in fact, we are recruiting new members to our team on a daily basis.
Yes, it's hard that many of our industries are branches of national or international companies and when they retrench we suffer, but we still have a hell of a lot going for us.
The Jubilee administration has plans to retrench at least 40,000 civil servants in the New Year as a way of tackling the public service wage bill.
This comes seven days after its parent company, the Alternative Investment Markets-listed Weatherly International, assured its shareholders that it would only retrench 100 workers and maintain two copper producing mines.
A lot of developers are also adopting a wait-and-watch approach before making a final approach to retrench their staff, hoping that there will be some kind of government investment mortgage vehicle to bail them out.
The company has a stockpile of logs, but Ho warned that the fines and suspension of the forest concessions could force the company to cut production and retrench workers.
You will be surprised by the price involved in trying to retrench; you have to pay people.
The protestors also demanded that ministry of Water and Power to withdraw the decision to privatise the companies as it would retrench the employees.
The process is still ongoing, but Jollibee already decided to retrench its workers,' Maglunsod said.
But if the threatening and forceful closure of our branches by the CITU workers is continued and branch remain closed due to no fault of ours, we will have no other option but to close down those branches which remain closed due to this forceful closure and retrench the employees of those branches," it said.