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Synonyms for retread

a used automobile tire that has been remolded to give it new treads

use again in altered form

give new treads to (a tire)

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A senior manager at Bridgestone Taiwan says that the Japanese headquarters' decision to set up the tire retread plant is driven by its responsibility to protect the global environment, stressing that the tire retread factory in Taiwan will recycle only own-branded TBR tires from freighters for resale, as well as from tire shops.
However, international standards for retread tyres are starting to bite.
He added that the new factory can retread most sizes of tyres.
Although all UK airlines and more than 40% of British commercial vehicles already use retreads as standard procedure, uptake is still slow in Wales.
The plan to use retreads did encounter a few bumps in the road--generating early resistance from some equipment operators who weren't enthusiastic about the switch.
The company is at the forefront of retread tyre technology and already has plans for further expansion in the town.
OTR is confident that with casings guaranteed, the lower hourly running costs for retread tyres will overcome resistance.
Traditional retread technology involves buffing the tire carcass to remove all traces of the previous tread, and then spraying the surface of the tire body with solvent-based cement, which includes volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Tokyo, July 20, 2009 - (JCN) - Bridgestone Corporation has announced plans to build a new plant for the production of precure tread for retread tires.
Goodyear Dunlop Tyres has announced a further substantial investment in its Wolverhampton truck tyre retread site.
Every tire we can retread keeps a vehicle running in this worldwide shortage," says Blake.
The six-employee company, H&O Precure Retread Inc.
TWELVE YEARS AGO, LAWSON Hembree left the banking industry to share ownership of Trans-American Tire -- a one-store tire retread company in.
In the meantime, a new action plan, supported by the Environment Agency, includes increasing support for existing Welsh companies who retread used tyres so that they can be used again.
About seven or eight years ago, Jim Carlson, a sales representative for Pomp's Tire, told Pomp's retread technician Mike Glime that there was a special need for a traction tire for the graders used by Alger County.