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Although contract details are unavailable, recent efforts to retranslate GS:V are most likely related to the creation of a new translation grant.
Perhaps Barber found this poem in A Celtic Miscellany; in any case, he asked Auden to retranslate it.
For example, the chief of the transition team of my 1969-79 book, The End of Liberalism, (1) confided to me that he had great difficulty with "policy" and "public policy," and said that he actually tried two or three circumlocutions before settling on one, which I will not try here to retranslate.
Straight to the Source: Using Phaedrus and Lafontaine to Retranslate Fable V, 25, of Felix Maria Samaniego.
On the other end of the line--usually at one's Internet service provider (ISP)--another computer uses a modem to retranslate the information into a language that computer can use.
It is the challenge of the viewer to retranslate visual images back into thoughts in order to understand what the artist is "saying.
But the similarity does not hold if we retranslate the German version into English.
Miles Coverdale, who helped Tyndale to retranslate the Pentateuch manuscript lost at sea, may have provided that report.
After your librarians have brought you the right data, they then know how to translate it into customer terms and then retranslate customer questions into new product and service designs.
The rise of funk with James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, Fela Kuti and Miles Davis created a context for Hancock, a set of languages he could learn, intermingle, retranslate and reformulate, finding a voice of his own in how he did that.
Although the translation memory system might suggest the same translation, it would most likely require the translator to retranslate the second instance or choose from suggested translations.
To take a single instance, in the sentence "The problem was the more acute because I was alone in a concourse of people" (12), "I was alone" would normally be translated as "j'etais seul" or "j'etais seule" depending on the gender; this being impossible, another construction had to be found: "Ma solitude au milieu d'une foule de gens ne faisait qu'aviver le probleme" (25), which would retranslate back into English as "My solitude in a concourse of people made the problem more acute.
This experiment, the professor explained, involved programming the computer with an English phrase, asking it to translate the phrase into Russian and then retranslate the Russian into English.
Hughes explains, in The Invention of Jewish Identity: Bible, Philosophy, and the Art of Translation (Indiana, November), why Jewish intellectuals in every generation retranslate the Torah.
Anthony Briggs, who translated War and Peace in 2005, is an unabashed cavalier who believes that every generation or two needs to retranslate the classics into contemporary prose.