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Horn Concerto, Mad Regales, Tintinnabulation, Wind Rose, Sound Fields, On Conversing with Paradise, Retracing, Clarinet Quintet, Figment V, La Musique, Retracing III, Due Duetti, Figment III, Figment IV, Poems of Louis Zukofsky, Retracing II.
ARTIST Peter Howson is retracing the steps of Scotland's patron saint in the Holy Land.
3 FALLEN (FRED KELEMEN) Kelemen's searing camera follows the existential crisis of a man tortured by his failure to stop a woman jumping from a bridge and his journey through the city of Riga, retracing her life.
A crew of nine women and men are retracing a 2,500-km canoe expedition from Montreal to the Red River Valley.
Retracing his childhood haunts, he jumps on his old bike and rides down to the old fishing holes where he spent much of his time ...
Presenting Duncan's retracing of the Corps of Discovery's route from St.
So he set out on a 10,000-mile journey across three continents, retracing the greatest stories ever told.
Days later he returns to school obsessed with retracing his steps in order to find the girl.
Lieutenant Commander Klas Ohman, a Hawk (CV 63) F/A-18C Hornet and Navy test pilot, right, recently completed an aviation archaeology expedition at Jockey's Ridge State Park, N.C., retracing discoveries made by the pioneers of aviation 100 years ago In doing so, Ohman completed numerous flights in a replica of a 1902 Wright brothers glider, the first aircraft to incorporate yaw, pitch and roll controls, a technology that paved the way for powered flight and aviation as we know it today.
Drawing on the archaeological record and the surviving writings of Pytheas' contemporaries, Cunliffe assembles a plausible retracing of Pytheas' voyage to file tin fields of Brittany and the amber forests of Iceland and the Baltic region, lands believed at the time to be uninhabitable.
You don't need a license to kill, or Sean Connery's secret agent sex appeal, but a self-indulgent, fearless Bond (James Bond-like) attitude will come in handy for a vacation adventure that has you retracing his steps in Thunderball (1965) and Never Say Never Again (1983).
Retracing the voyage will be a very special way to remember."
The June 16 Tokyo trading session was notably volatile, with the yen initially declining to a new low of [yen] 146.78, then abruptly retracing its decline as a Japanese wire service indicated that U.S.
Carol Kidwell has clearly performed a labor of love in retracing Sannazaro's life and times, surveying his work with an appreciative eye, and recounting her enthusiasm in a highly readable yet scholarly and well documented book.
And after retracing the journey he is believed to have taken, detectives today said a number of potential witnesses have come forward, with possible reported sightings of Mr Du last Friday - the day he disappeared.