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Synonyms for retool

revise or reorganize, especially for the purpose of updating and improving

provide (a workshop or factory) with new tools

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Carter last released a full-length album for the United States in 2002, the dizzying Squaredancing in a Roundhouse, and in lute 2003 offered this decidedly offbeat remix collection, in which he retools such diverse fare as postrock pioneers Tortoise and the Human League's "Don't You Want Me." His Trademark is classic soulful house by way of chunky, rubbery, headphone-worthy percussion, proving that dance music can be idiosyncratic, artful, and ass-shakingly accessible.
The festival had previously announced plans to become an annual event, starting in the fall of this year, as part of an overall restructuring of FIND as a "laboratory" for dance research [see "Montreal Retools its Festival," Dance Matters, DANCE MAGAZINE, January 2003, page 14].
The spending plan retools the ITA, creating an assistant secretary for manufacturing and services to focus on maintaining a strong U.S.
George Washington University's National Security Archive ( retools the historical record by evaluating government documents, many newly released to the public.
"GM Retools for E-Commerce That Goes Well Beyond Cars." Computerworld, 17 April 2000.