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Synonyms for retool

revise or reorganize, especially for the purpose of updating and improving

provide (a workshop or factory) with new tools

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Retooled is now open for anyone around the country or even internationally to add their own experiences and build the resource.
The Litigation Sections site also has been completely retooled and can be accessed from the For Members pull-down menu, or directly at www.
Rippling waves and abs abound in this latest entry in Savage's "Queering the Classics" reading series, in which the familiar is retooled with a nod to the lavender.
They loaded up on burgers, fries, and a tank of grease--yes, grease--for Carven's retooled 1982 VW camper van.
have developed a programmable auto body jig that can be retooled to assemble 30 different car types simply by altering its software.
Susman's findings come at a time when some long-standing assumptions concerning the large-toothed, small-brained "robust" lineage are being retooled.
Since the acquisition, the Wildman portfolio has been completely retooled and the beer segment, which constituted nearly fifty percent of the Beer Import Company's volume, completely eliminated by February of 2006.
The plant is being retooled for the assembly of the new Buick Verano and Chevrolet Aveo.
Car workers made redundant from the Birmingham factory are being invited to take part in an innovative web project to unearth key new digital skills as part of a project entitled Retooled.
City Councilman Dennis Zine, a reserve LAPD officer, said he believes Bratton is sincere in keeping the SIS, even in a slightly retooled form.
We also retooled our investment roundtable to bring readers like you together with a panel of financial planners.
I think, with all the changes in the epidemic, our education efforts have to be revamped and retooled," says Scott Hitt, chairman of the White House's Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.
In order to help executives hedge against business decay, the National Vehicle Leasing Association (NVLA) has retooled its Certified Vehicle Leasing Executive (CVLE) Program and will re-launch its executive level continuing education program February 2-3, 2007 at the Phoenix Marriott in Phoenix, AZ.
Stone'' is ``The Lizzie McGuire Movie,'' a kid flick opening this weekend, only retooled for menopausal women.
Come get retooled and learn how these pieces fit together using Persuasion Architecture, a framework for making all your marketing channels work together.