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He worked as a salesman, fabric manufacturer and representative in the furniture upholstery business and later owned an upholstery fabric service before retiring in 1989.
They do have some special ramifications, however, for distributions to retiring or deceased partners.
After retiring in 1999, he worked in the Office of Transportation as a packing inspector.
She worked for 35 years as an administrative assistant for Lockheed Aircraft before retiring in 1989.
736(b) by severely limiting the ability of a partnership to structure deductible payments to a retiring or deceased partner.
He worked for Los Angeles City Planning for 38 years as an associate zoning administrator before retiring in 1997.
When a retiring partner receives a payment in exchange for his interest in partnership property under Sec.
Retiring the Bonds at this time was the right thing to do, despite the pre-payment penalty.
He called it unlikely, however, she will change her mind about retiring.
Because of the high cost of medical coverage before Medicare eligibility, a typical worker retiring at age 62 who does not have any subsidized retiree medical benefits is projected to replace only 59 percent of their preretirement income.
EL SEGUNDO - Phil Jackson is not retiring Tuesday, so there is no reason to believe Shaquille O'Neal will retire Wednesday, and this chilling image of a Lakers Armageddon is probably several years away.
He served six years on the Board of Directors before retiring in 1984.
And now the last guy still doing that is retiring, and no one is waiting in the wings to replace him.
The school's students and staff say the happy faces symbolize Wright, who is retiring after 33 years in the Lancaster School District.
There is a growing trend toward retiring aging power plants that could alter the shape of things to come.