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someone who has retired from active working

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Looking at how New Jersey residents fared in the survey we see, on average, New Jersey retirees are spending significantly more each month - $2,540 - than eight out of 10 of the most populous states.
We are the retirees of the National Bank of Pakistan.
Over the past decade, providing retiree health coverage has become a major financial concern for the US Postal Service (USPS), whose workers are federal employees and thus covered by the FEHBP.
Since the Retiree Attraction Program's inception in 1993, the Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.
The city government honored 75 retirees and 14 deceased employees during the 'Pasasalamat' program held after yesterday's flag ceremony at the City Hall grounds.
Over the years, I've been wondering how much of the government's total retirement funds paid to retirees could have been more wisely disbursed to facilitate equitable distribution of government funds, address unemployment and encourage productivity among the Filipinos.
"When former PNP Chief dela Rosa assailed the automatic deduction from pensions, we hoped that the PNP would carry out his order to protect retirees who have fallen victim to automatic deductions," said a PNP retiree.
Given the uncertainties of health and costs of retiree health care, this is a sound strategy.
In “Spending in Retirement … Or Not?” the researchers say this finding challenges long-held fears about retirees spending down their savings too fast.
The Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) plans to increase the number of foreign retirees in the country to 80,000 by 2020 through various incentives, according to the agency's top official.
Traditional retiree health benefits follow a multi-step process and can be confusing.
Fundamentals of Retiree Group Benefits, 2nd Edition
But despite the fall in retiree health coverage, many workers still believe they'll receive it, the new report from the non-partisan research group finds.
Court of Appeals case to address the scope of the RBBPA and discuss the true intent of Congress concerning the protection of retiree health benefits during bankruptcy.