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Synonyms for reticular

resembling or forming a network


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Olgumuzda lezyonun yuzeysel olmasi ve ozellikle yuzeysel damarlann hobnail gorunumunde endotel hOcreleri ile closeti bifazik ozeliikte damarlan igermesi nedeniyle retiform hemanjiendoteliyoma ekarte edilmistir (12).
On reaching the brain, this was converted to 'psychic pneuma' in the retiform plexus or choroid plexus in the lateral ventricles.
One patient presented with petechiae, one with simple ecchymoses, and one with noninflammatory retiform purpura.
17) This was particularly the case when there was retention of the retiform epidermis, as observed in 15% of RN, and confluent proliferation of atypical melanocytes.