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tie again or anew

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When we look at an image of a teddy bear or a small collection of alphabet blocks, our synapses flash "early childhood." We categorize someone who still reties on his teddy bear as childish, but maybe it is time to phase out that stereotype.
"The campaign reties on members--mentors, delegates and just interested members--getting active about the issues.
The system reties on smart tags that will be embedded on the blood bags as well as on patient wrist bands.
A model for juvenile justice reform that reties on small treatment centers has earned the third annual Annie E.
Unlike other wine testers, Gort reties on his nose rather than his taste buds, Thomas said.
Some manufacturers offer extended or even lifetime watt, reties on their products, and usually invest heavily in the personnel and infrastructure necessary to provide such service.
That technology lends itself to practical applications because it reties on silicon processed by standard manufacturing methods.
Name an activity that reties on the properties of science and math.
This sort of targeting reties on what we dub a "Database Nation" in our cover story, which starts on page 26.