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tie again or anew

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That technology lends itself to practical applications because it reties on silicon processed by standard manufacturing methods.
FROM FARM TO PLATE, the modern food system reties heavily on cheap oil.
But agribusiness can sell that water for $110 to $200 per acre-foot to reties or developers.
Name an activity that reties on the properties of science and math.
This sort of targeting reties on what we dub a "Database Nation" in our cover story, which starts on page 26.
With Vanish, less knot reties were required and lost fish from mussel ravished line were eliminated.
Medical management is ongoing and reties on continued maintenance to be successful.
Achieving this agenda reties, oddly, less on large-scale systems and process investment than on co-operation between the parties who can make it happen and the mobilisation of a willing workforce.