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tie again or anew

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Referring to a Supreme Court verdict that had found former army chief Mirza Aslm Baig and former ISI chief retied general Asad Durrani responsible for doling out money among politicians in 1990 general elections, Musharraf's chief lawyer Ahmed Raza Kasuri said no action had been taken against the two by the previous government.
Charity cycle ride: Chris Lea, who has retied as chairman of Stoford Developments.
At some point the gags, which had been loosened slightly, were retied tightly and she was persuaded to get into a box.
A powerful Flo-Lock [TM] actuated spout closure system quickly halts material flow for partial bag discharge, allowing bag to be retied and removed.
Brewing this 100 Barrel Series beer together gave us a great opportunity to retied on 25 years of Harpoon," Dan says.
Rita, 79, a retied designer and pattern-maker, said: "I met Ray when I was 17 at the dance hall.
I never officially retied from international rugby when I played union, so I never thought inmy wildest dreams that Iwould play for Wales again.
He was promptly arrested and the ribbon retied so that Lang could perform the official opening.
Takahiro Suzuki had an RBI single for Yomiuri in the fifth, but Hiroshima retied the game on Ochoa's RBI double.
Breaking such news to families is difficult to do well, and in these situations I retied on my years of nursing that helped me develop dear, compassionate communication skills.
There are now hardly any shoe laces or ties that need to be retied among her young charges, taking most of the hassle out of changing for PE.
In creating the Web pages, which were done as part of his public service project as a 2006-2007 Poynter Ethics Fellow, Miller retied on the newspaper's Web designer, Aaron Avery.
Then I retied the rope to the tree and asked my wife to guard it--and my safety.
Have you retied the bow on your cousin's gift 125 times because it's not just-so?
8 million gallons of oil onto the seal beaches and herring runs that the villagers retied on for food.