reticulated python

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of southeast Asia and East Indies

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Reticulated pythons are native to south east Asia, a region in which Chester Zoo is involved in several conservation projects looking to protect animals.
Experts say reticulated pythons are known for their size and patterned skin, and have long been bred in captivity and kept as pets.
Reticulated pythons are the longest species of snake in the world.
Zookeepers and vets from Chester Zoo and cardiologists from Cardiff Met work together to perform a health check, including the first ultrasound performed on a reticulated python
I've been wrapped up and put unconscious by a reticulated python that was only 18 feet long.
Steve Backshall's Wild and Live TOWN HALL, BIRMINGHAM THE moment when a comically intelligent reticulated python wrapped itself around Steve Backshall's torso and poked its head out between his legs was a welcome source of light relief in an otherwise sombre roadshow.
Some other extraordinary records include: Fluffy the reticulated python from Columbus Zoo, Ohio who becomes the longest snake in captivity, slithering in at 24ft.
WEST Midland Safari Park have unveiled their latest addition to the reptile collection - a 17ft reticulated python.
Carpenter recalls a client who brought in a young reticulated python and was shocked to learn that his cute little pet could grow into a 7.
There's also Jay's Animal Encounters featuring the amazing Tiger reticulated python - the world's largest species of snake - from July 10-16 and August 12-20.
As it turned out, my only serious competitor was an individual in Burn Ward whose Giant Reticulated Python rose to a height of nearly 1,000 feet before gale-force winds from the Great Lakes shattered it into bits of tissue paper and plyboard.
Tipped off that the more famous South American anaconda is heavy but not long, he decided that the reticulated python was the chap to win the prize.
As travelers at Port Columbus Airport walk down the main concourse toward baggage claim, they're greeted by an unexpected sight: A 24-foot, 303-pound reticulated python that just swallowed somebody's suitcase.
He also has to negotiate live ordnance left over from the Vietnam War, as well as a reticulated python, a whip scorpion, a monitor lizard and a herd of buffalo.
Fisheries and Wildlife assistant director Tom French says based on descriptions, they're probably looking for a Burmese python, a legal species, or possibly a reticulated python, which is illegal in Massachusetts.