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Synonyms for reticulate

form a net or a network

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distribute by a network, as of water or electricity

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divide so as to form a network

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resembling or forming a network


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Scutum granulated or completely or partly reticulate rugose 27' 27'.
Megaspores <575 gm; with thin-walled reticulate to almost spiny or low tuberculate and/or vermiform ornamentation.
Sides of pronotum faintly longitudinally reticulate along wide upper and anterior margins, smooth below and behind.
and fifth-order vein categories orthogonal reticulate, forming
Reticulate processes focus on a continuous and relatively uncoordinated shifting of linguistic, cultural and biological boundaries through assimilation, intermarriage, borrowing and diffusion.
4x as wide as mesosoma (22:16); occiput almost smooth, with traces of weak transverse wrinkling and about 20 seta-implantations on central part of occiput (behind ocellar area); hyperoccipital carina weak but complete; vertex finely reticulate (not transversely so), with three weak and incomplete transverse carinae just in front of hyperoccipital carina; frons with weak reticulate sculpture, in lower two-thirds becoming fan-like out from a smoother impressed midline, with transverse wrinkles just above antennal insertions.
x] = 669) [micro]m wide, irregularly reticulate to densely cristate distally, irregularly reticulate proximally.
pneumoniae, they have elementary and reticulate bodies visible by electron microscopy (6).
In the early phase of the disorder, dermatologic features can include purpuric patches and plaques in a reticulate pattern with focal central necrosis.
Texas: Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge: reticulate collared lizard, Mexican burrowing toad, and speckled racer; Roy E.
Head shiny; vertex and face partly reticulate rugose (sensu Olmi 1984) and strongly impressed by large punctures similar to areolae, except a smooth area in front of anterior ocellus and 2 smooth areas on the sides of posterior ocelli; face with 2 lateral longitudinal keels around orbits directed towards antennal toruli; frontal line complete; occipital carina complete; POL = 8; OL = 5; OOL = 9; OPL = 10; TL = 8; greatest breadth of posterior ocelli shorter than OL (4:5).
In contrast, other large Isoetes in this region of South America have broader leaves that are less densely packed, and reticulate megaspores (Fuchs-Eckert, 1986; Macluf et al.
5 [micro]m x 4 [micro]m-5 [micro]m, including the crests, and their convex walls showed a fine reticulate ornamentation.
After binding to cell membranes and entering cytosol, elementary bodies transform into reticulate bodies and multiply within the cytoplasm.
A trio of distinct glass roofs with reticulate triangular structures spring from massive boundary walls that rise and fall to follow the contours of the site.