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Synonyms for reticent

Synonyms for reticent

Synonyms for reticent

temperamentally disinclined to talk


Related Words

cool and formal in manner

reluctant to draw attention to yourself

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On the other hand, Kareena, who was last seen shaking a leg on hit show Jhalak Dikhhla J, was accompanied by a reticently smiling Ajay on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil to celebrate the completion of 100 episodes of the show.
In the afternoon, I would reticently jump into the limousine after the final bell sounded alongside all of the other "special" students who were availed of the service.
He interlaces the reticently and encompassingly Christian with the obtrusively irreverent and the heterodox.
We have updated our forecasts, but still keep to the reticently positive view of the company.
The firm and the services that they provide are hailed by states and reticently acknowledged by some of the biggest insurance carriers in the country and the world.
Where they liked the film, this was often presented as something of a surprising or embarrassing admission; as Manohla Dargis put it in The New York Times, despite the film being "contrived, sniffle - and sometimes gag-inducing" she was "seduced by its two wily leads" (emphasis added), a turn of phrase which both draws on the romantic vernacular of the genre and positions her as guardedly, reticently, flirting with it.
Quaytman's pale and pared-down geometric canvases seem all the more reticently introverted.
The world as such, including the desire to strangle desire and to pursue normality, is running reticently, silently and manipulatively.
NNA - Future Movement lashed out on what it described as "Hizbullah' s lies" convincing the visitors of their "Criticism - Intikad" electronic website that the Movement is reticently planning for demonstrations in Tripoli city.
Stephen behaves rather reticently toward Iris and enjoys "withholding information" (41) from her.
The NFL owners reticently agreed to the current CBA in large part to preserve a salary cap.
The overlapping genres of scientific fiction and horror treat their monstrous creatures less reticently. Two classic cases embody the fullest, most direct, and most sustained responses to "The Kraken." Jules Verne and H.
Geraghty makes his reattributions reticently: he does not set out to score points over earlier scholars.