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Synonyms for retention

the act of retaining something

the power of retaining and recalling past experience

the power of retaining liquid

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Everything seems to have happened to his hands that could possibly take place consistently with the retention of all the fingers, for they are notched, and seamed, and crumpled all over.
The idea of the will, which would give an obvious motive for the crime, the secret visit unknown to his own parents, the retention of the stick, the blood, and the animal remains and buttons in the wood-pile, all were admirable.
But for once he did look as though bed was the best place for him; and I used the fact as an argument for my own retention in defiance of Dr.
Dropping of its own accord upon his exit (or perhaps purposely closed), it had become fastened by the spring; and it was the retention of this spring which had been mistaken by the police for that of the nail, - farther inquiry being thus considered unnecessary.
The purpose of retention is to give the employer security: it encourages the contractor to come back after completion and fix defects and protects the employer against the contractor's insolvency.
Summary: It is predicted that market growth will be enormous in the upcoming decade for color retention agents
Such excessive fluid build-up in the body leads to water retention.
The program--"The Changing National Landscape in Judicial Retention and its Implications for Alaska"--was essentially a how-to guide for dealing with judicial retention elections and the opposition that can arise against a judge seeking retention.
For biofortification to be successful, biofortified crops must demonstrate sufficient levels of retention of micronutrients after typical processing, storage, and cooking practices.
Employees' retention is a comparatively latest thought in under-developed country like Pakistan.
The objective of the study was to compare the mean increase in denture retention strength with paste and powder form of the denture adhesives, on mandibular complete denture.
It can be difficult to comply with records retention requirements that are based on trigger events, so many organizations are seeking to replace them with straight retention time periods.
THE GENERAL Optical Council (GOC) is calling on students to complete the annual retention process by the July 15 deadline, or face being removed from the registers.
State-based public exchanges may have lower enrollee retention rates this year than the exchanges managed by the U.S.