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Synonyms for retardent

any agent that retards or delays or hinders

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The costume gives me a head start but because of the pyrotechnics it needed to be sprayed with flame retardent.
25 * Tempro[R] Fire Retardent Tested to BS 5867: Part 2:1980 Note: Table made from bar graph.
I've a notion the planking is impregnated with a fire retardent in which case the material wouldn't incinerate.
If your production allows for higher humidity levels, say between 20-40 gr/lb, another approach is to apply a vapor retardent paint on all interior surfaces.
Three years ago, the Consumer Product Commission deemed that children's sleepwear had to change--either it had to be flame retardent or it had to be form-fitting.
And instead of just masking breath with a minty taste, Retardent hasgot something called Closys II in it.
Its Retardent toothpaste and Retardex oral rinse, claimed to cure rather than mask bad breath, also hit the right note, for products that freshen the mouth are showing marked growth.
Tenders are invited for Fire Retardent Upholstery Cloth For Ist Ac Coaches 1270 Mm Width In Continuous Roll Length Of 30 Mtrs Minimum To Rdso Specification No.
Booster le projet d'amenagement des gorges de Kherrata Le wali a tenu egalement des reunions pour booster et lever les contraintes qui retardent l'achevement des travaux de realisation des grand projets dont a beneficie la wilaya de Bejaia.
Voila pourquoi certaines parties retardent tout projet de recasement des bidonvillois de la prefecture et font croire aux autres pauvres de l'arrondissement qu'ils oeuvrent pour ameliorer leur conditions de vie puisque les villas cossues de la zone leur rappellent chaque jour leur statut de [beaucoup moins que]perdants ou de malchanceux dans la vie[beaucoup plus grand que].
According to the Company, the decline in net sales were driven by the exit from the phosphorus flame retardants business, lower metals surcharges, unfavorable pricing in our bromine portfolio and lower fine chemistry services volumes which was to some extent offset by good volumes Albermarle's Refinery Catalysts and Brominated Flame Retardent Business.
Des ex-rebelles qui detiennent Seif al-Islam, fils du defunt leader libyen Mouammar Kadhafi, retardent son transfert a Tripoli car ils n'ont pas obtenu leurs salaires, a affirme hier lundi le representant de la Libye aupres de la Cour penale internationale (CPI).
And for healthcare centres and hospitals, of which the company has supplied many, there is the cubicle track system which creates private spaces using bioactive, antifungal and fire retardent materials for the blinds and curtains themselves.
GREEN in the colour for a Brighouse company supplying dyes, flame retardent materials and textile products.
He said: "The costume gives me a head start but because of the pyrotechnics it needed to besprayed with flame retardent.