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Synonyms for retard

Synonyms for retard

to cause to be later or slower than expected or desired

Synonyms for retard

a person of subnormal intelligence

cause to move more slowly or operate at a slower rate

be delayed

Related Words

slow the growth or development of

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Pour les retards qui devient des impayes, l'enquete de la coface annonce que le quart des entreprises declare un niveau d'impayes superieur a 20% de leur chiffre d'affaires, ce qui pourrait etre explique par les longs retards de paiement.
Commission d'enquUuo"te sur les retards dans la rUu[c]alisation des projets "AADL" dans la wilaya de Ain Defla
As noted earlier, it was widely believed that those labeled as mentally retarded had little to no ability to understand the world around them.
En Retard (3.45) did not have the best of runs when a close-up third to Zilina at Leopardstown and is napped.
The categories of disability included blind, deaf and dumb, crippled, mentally retarded, insane and others like multi handicapped due to old age, he added.
He said trained medical professionals were required for improving the communication skills of mentally retarded children so that they could lead a useful life for the community.
Intelligence Test--The group general mental ability test by Jolota and Hindi adaptation of Stanford--Binet scale revised (LM) Form by Kulshrestha was used to identify the mentally retarded, average and superior intelligent subjects.
Des retards de l'ordre de 40 minutes a une heure, ont ete enregistres dimanche matin, surtout a l'aeroport de Tunis-Carthage, au niveau des departs et des arrivees des vols, en raison de la mise en place d'un nouveau systeme radar, selon Fakher Abdelkefi, commandant d'aeroport, cite par l'agence TAP.
The studies carried out in the UK show that in the recent years the existence of mental retarded people is increased and this makes the UK judicial system to give more struggles in recognizing and defining the mental retarded criminals in this regard but this work is very complex and time-consuming affair, too [26].
has published Inbred, Retarded...or Just Plain Stupid?: The story of Tone vs.
Thermogravimetric results of flame-retardants and flame retarded PA6 were presented in Figures 4, 5, 6, and 7 and Table 3.
A cross sectional study of 120 mentally retarded children of age 6-18 years was conducted in Faisalabad and Islamabad districts by using convenient sampling technique.
The Texas House took an initial step toward banning disrespectful language this morning, passing a bill to eliminate the word "retarded" from state statute.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian parliament urged the international community to make efforts to prevent the execution of a mentally retarded US woman in the state of Virginia, describing it as violation of human rights.
The study attempts to ascertain the attitude of parents of children with mental retardation towards their mentally retarded children.