retaliatory eviction

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an eviction in reprisal for the tenant's good-faith complaints against the landlord

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The retaliatory eviction claim under Section 1981, however, was allowed because that claim goes to Bradley's right to enforce her lease obligations through the legal process, a right still protected by Section 1981.
The enactment of the Pet Law was necessary to protect pet owners from retaliatory eviction and to prevent potential hardship and dislocation of tenants.
In that climate of hiked-up rents and few vacancies, tenants contend that when they complain about routine problems, such as faucet leaks or broken air-conditioners, they may face retaliatory eviction.
One more thing too - under the changes, local authorities now have the power to block a Section 21 Notice from being issued in specific circumstances in an attempt to prevent retaliatory evictions.
New laws under the Deregulation Act will bring an end to retaliatory evictions, where tenants make a legitimate complaint to their landlord about the property, but instead of making the repair the landlord serves them an eviction notice.
The charity said more retaliatory evictions will be prevented if the bill is enacted.