retaliatory eviction

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an eviction in reprisal for the tenant's good-faith complaints against the landlord

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resisting illegal rent increases, retaliatory evictions, or unlawful
(35) One possible solution to this problem would be to simply modify the state retaliatory eviction statutes to prohibit retaliatory eviction in all cases where a tenant complained about a code violation regardless of whether she was behind in her rent at the time of her complaint.
If it becomes law, the bill would prevent so-called 'retaliatory evictions', and has been supported by Newcastle MPs Chi Onwurah and Catherine McKinnell.
The retaliatory eviction claim under Section 1981, however, was allowed because that claim goes to Bradley's right to enforce her lease obligations through the legal process, a right still protected by Section 1981.
Focus: Court Error Retaliatory Eviction Terri Morrow appeals a judgment of eviction entered against her for her failure to pay rent to her landlord, Kim McCutchin.
It called on the Government to introduce a new offence of "retaliatory eviction", saying: "This would prevent eviction by unscrupulous landlords or agents, and encourage tenants to seek help from the local authority for poor housing conditions." Landlords were abusing Section 21 of the Housing Act, which allows them to evict tenants without a reason as long as they provide sufficient notice, the authority said.
The practice - which is known as retaliatory eviction - is disadvantaging people living in the estimated one million private rented homes that fail the Government's decent homes standard.
The enactment of the Pet Law was necessary to protect pet owners from retaliatory eviction and to prevent potential hardship and dislocation of tenants.
This also eliminates retaliatory evictions where landlords seek possession following complaints by tenants on the state of repair of the property.