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the act of taking something back


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Retaking Mosul would effectively mark the end of the caliphate proclaimed by Islamic State in adjacent Sunni areas of Iraq and Syria, according to Zebari.
Abadi wants to hail these gains as the first in a list of big victories, but retaking other cities may pose more difficulties.
He thanked the governor's house and the judiciary for cooperation in retaking the house, saying still some land belonging to the department remained in illegal custody of grabbers.
French and Malian troops have retaken the airport, very soon we will move into Timbuktu and continue retaking the north of the country," Malian Captain Konate said.
Mr Lightman said the numbers retaking all or part of the course are "higher than expected and show the extent of the problem".
The other major factor is retaking exams in order to improve results.
Vice President Paramananda Jha said Sunday he would not abide by an order from the country's top court that gave him a choice between retaking his oath of office in the Nepali language or losing his post.
The full bench of the court has also asked the government to make preparations for retaking of the oath of the vice president.
Is retaking a customer service class a good way to get experienced staff members refocused on important service basics?
Critics of the exam system say it is easier for sixth-formers to get better grades by taking and retaking modules in "bite-sized" chunks.
At my initial interview at MPW I heard that the previous year they had eight students retaking for dentistry and their success rate was 100 per cent," said Sarah.
Amanpreet Bal has spent thousands of pounds on retaking two of her A-levels to win the university place she wants.
More students than expected are retaking Arizona's AIMS test, even though they have already passed it.
Some cynics thought Cox's appointment represented the business community retaking control over the SEC from a relative moderate like Donaldson, but Cox is showing himself to be an activist in many respects, imposing new disclosure requirements on C-suite compensation and continuing a number of other initiatives begun under Donaldson, in particular the agency's push to improve the quality of disclosure by companies and mutual funds.
A candidate can switch from Pathway 2 to Pathway 1 at any time, however a candidate cannot switch from Pathway I to Pathway 2 without retaking the entire CPA exam.