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Synonyms for retainer

Synonyms for retainer

a fee charged in advance to retain the services of someone

a dental appliance that holds teeth (or a prosthesis) in position after orthodontic treatment

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While the median annual retainer for board service is $30,000, companies in the 90th percentile pay $90,000; and those in the 10th percentile pay $10,000.
While there could be some advantages to the retainer fee model, I believe one of its dangers is that it can lull creative agencies into a false sense of pseudo- security, leading to complacency.
The study participants were divided into two groups, depending on the type of retainers. Fifteen patients (8 extraction and 7 non-extraction) had an upper-lower Essix retainer (Dentsply Raintree Essix, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA), and 15 (7 extraction and 8 non-extraction) received an upper-lower Hawley retainer.
Should I accept the retainer or continue working as a contributor?
Correction in itself serves as the retainer. However, a removable retainer can be given to the patient if deemed essential.
On the one hand, it denies the retainer is a problem but, on the other hand, reduces the level of the retainer by two-thirds.
"Yes, your point that the AUM model makes us feel the pain of market declines with our clients is absolutely true, but to me the retainer model doesn't take that away: we all typically are invested along with our clients so we do feel it, and the misalignment is that we typically work harder when the markets decline because our clients need more reassurance.
Zachrisson, "The bonded lingual retainer and multiple spacing of anterior teeth,' Swedish Dental Journal, vol.
Easily attached to most hard hats, the UVEX stealth goggle retainer helps to protect workers' eyes by creating a proper, gap-free seal.
The bearing consists of an inner ring, outer ring, and roller / retainer assembly.
Honeywell Safety Products' Uvex Stealth Goggle Retainer for hard hats is designed to attach easily to most hard hats.
Parties interested in receiving public relations and marketing have an option to pre-purchase a 2012 retainer package; four months of services for the price of one month.
Doucette explains that the retainer model "is a quality-based incentive model where physicians have the incentive to provide the appropriate amount of care with incredible customer service in an effort to retain the patients in the practice," He adds, "In some aspects, it is a return to old-fashioned medicine, where the physicians had time to develop very strong relationships with the family and the patient."