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Synonyms for retainer

Synonyms for retainer

a fee charged in advance to retain the services of someone

a dental appliance that holds teeth (or a prosthesis) in position after orthodontic treatment

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While the chiefs thus revelled in hall, and made the rafters resound with bursts of loyalty and old Scottish songs, chanted in voices cracked and sharpened by the northern blast, their merriment was echoed and prolonged by a mongrel legion of retainers, Canadian voyageurs, half-breeds, Indian hunters, and vagabond hangers-on who feasted sumptuously without on the crumbs that fell from their table, and made the welkin ring with old French ditties, mingled with Indian yelps and yellings.
Meantime the retainer goes round, like a gloomy Analytical Chemist: always seeming to say, after 'Chablis, sir?
Comest thou not to me with a great array of men-at-arms and retainers, and yet art not able to take a single band of lusty knaves without armor on breast, in thine own county
Then the Sheriff turned away with a sore and troubled heart, and sadly he rued his fine show of retainers, for he saw that the King was angry because he had so many men about him and yet could not enforce the laws.
If the people yield, well and good; but if they resist him, as he began by beating his own father and mother, so now, if he has the power, he beats them, and will keep his dear old fatherland or motherland, as the Cretans say, in subjection to his young retainers whom he has introduced to be their rulers and masters.
The largest increases were observed at S&P 100 companies, where the annual retainer increased from a median of $90,000 in 2012 to $100,000 in 2013.
The list of players who will get the central contracts and retainers should be announced by end of the week before the team leaves for the Sri Lanka tour.
Though Moore Relations' holiday retainer package is a favorite to companies that participated last year, the offer is only for new clients and will end on December 31, 2011.
This yearly retainer contract saw a 100% renewal rate this year.
Orthodontic retainers that are not properly cleaned could be harboring microbes, according to a study published March 15 in Letters in Applied Microbiology.
While health reform is still an unknown, Doucette says, "There are a couple of different retainer models and they fit very nicely into reform as it stands right now.
I remembered, and would have sworn, that the part was the "barrel locking-nut retainer piston plunger pin.
If that tool's not available, the truck head-shed recommends that you just order the retainer assembly.
Killion's internal medicine practice in Philadelphia is still made up mainly of fee-for-service and Medicare patients, but he also sees more than 100 retainer patients--a number that's growing.
However, when Hughes asked his mount to quicken, the response was impressive and I will be surprised if Retainer doesn't make it to Royal Ascot in June.