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Synonyms for retainer

Synonyms for retainer

a fee charged in advance to retain the services of someone

a dental appliance that holds teeth (or a prosthesis) in position after orthodontic treatment

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On the one hand, it denies the retainer is a problem but, on the other hand, reduces the level of the retainer by two-thirds.
Yes, your point that the AUM model makes us feel the pain of market declines with our clients is absolutely true, but to me the retainer model doesn't take that away: we all typically are invested along with our clients so we do feel it, and the misalignment is that we typically work harder when the markets decline because our clients need more reassurance.
A prospective clinical evaluation of mandibular lingual retainer survival.
The year-over-year increase in compensation for general board service was 7%, reflecting higher cash retainers and equity compensation values.
These include the use of dental floss, orthodontic elastics, wire ligatures, wires tack welded to the retainer wire localizing devices, or fingers.
The pay hike will also be added to the monthly retainers which at present are in the range of Rs 250,000, Rs 175,000 and Rs 125,000," the official said.
The holiday retainer packages will be on a first come first serve basis.
Researchers at the University College London Eastman Dental Institute found potentially pathogenic microbes growing on at least 50 percent of retainers studied.
I remembered, and would have sworn, that the part was the "barrel locking-nut retainer piston plunger pin.
RICHARD HANNON has hit the ground running with his two-year-olds and it was no surprise to see the market get it right by sending his debutant Retainer off a well-backed favourite at Newmarket.
Each of the cutout groove portions is provided on its edge with a retainer for retaining the fixing member.
The Illinois Supreme Court adopted its new rules after the ISBA/CBA Joint Committee on Ethics 2000 and the court's own Committee on Professional Responsibility submitted reports and recommendations to the court over a period from 2004 through 2008, and in the wake of its opinion regarding retainer fees in Dowling v Chicago Options Associates, Inc, 226 111 2d 277, 875 NE2d 1012 (2007).
Then you will base your retainer fee on that approved budget.
While we clean the nozzles, the ultrasonic tank is busy cleaning the retainer plate, which should not take more than an hour or two to remove all traces of degraded plastic, eliminating this worry during assembly.
What It Is: A glass run and retainer module for the Ford Mustang produced with an acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate (ASA) material rather than through a metal and plastic assembly.