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a merchant who sells goods at retail

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The professional ag retailer of today understands regulatory and legislative processes.
In 2004, several new retailers established leases in the New York City marketplace, while many recent entrants expanded their presence in the marketplace.
So if a retailer really wants to restructure and improve, it not only needs to downsize, but it also needs to change the way it does business.
The value proposition must make sense to and motivate three distinct levels of "customer" in the business model: wholesalers, retailers and customers.
Who are the key personnel in the retailer that we need to contact, to win over, to know their names so we can get past the receptionist?
The effect is a reduction of product cost for the retailer with no promotional benefit for the manufacturer.
Rather than ticketing an item at an expected selling price, the retailer sets an artificially high ticket price.
In the past two years, we've put a lot of effort into building deeper relationships with key retailers by moving away from the 'one size fits all' strategy to a more customized approach for each retailer," says Rob Neill, vice president of marketing, Syngenta Crop Protection.
Beauty and skin care retailer Clarins is also coming to Soho, leasing the space on Spring Street that formerly belonged to L'Occitane.
The retailer, which is now occupying 4,000 square feet for its gallery as well as its headquarters, relocated from Soho.
This includes the use of RAPID bar coding and NAPD grower ID numbers for product tracking; retained Bayer ownership of product, which frees up retailer capital; and uniform grower pricing.