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a breathing apparatus used for resuscitation by forcing oxygen into the lungs of a person who has undergone asphyxia or arrest of respiration

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Contract awarded for supply of resuscitators paediatric
M2 PHARMA-August 15, 2016-Manual Resuscitators Market to Reach USD 642m by 2024, Grand View Research Predicts
Technavio's analysts forecast the global anesthesia resuscitators market to grow at a CAGR of 3.
Star performers Resuscitator and Eddie Ahern; it's not easy to make all round here so this was a well-judged ride Marking your card Brendan Powell reported that Pullyourfingerout, runner-up to Sam Winner at Cheltenham last month, could go for the Fred Winter at the festival, for which he is 20-1 with Stan James and Victor Chandler Results and analysis start page 96
Following successful resuscitation of the neonate, the Laerdal resuscitator was closely inspected.
When teaching lifeguard personnel ablaut positive pressure ventilation using a personal resuscitation mask, a personal resuscitation shield, or a bag-valve-mask resuscitator, suction equipment should absolutely be a part of the instruction.
Incorporating an impact resistant acrylic polymer has helped improve the performance of a unique disposable resuscitator.
She had a brainwave and pulled the Biro from her pocket to turn it into a makeshift resuscitator.
DINERS will tuck into a healthy meal tonight to help buy a resuscitator for a Rugby sports centre.
Which would be okay if the direction, acting and pace didn't suggest it was all in immediate need of a turn on the resuscitator.
The extensive kit includes cones, signs, spades, axes, hacksaws, brooms, tow ropes, a first aid kit, resuscitator, a gallon of water (to help people whose cars have overheated), a fire extinguisher, a crowbar and bullet proof vests, plus a spiked "stinger" to stop cars they are chasing.
Limited Tenders are invited for Pvms 040018 Apparatus Resuscitator Lung Automatic Complate With O2 Cylinder 340Ltr Capacty Tubing Connection Face Mask Flow Meter And Ventilating Unit To Work On Oxygen Source
The company said that it has already identified the first product in the institute's development pipeline for commercialization assistance, the Resuscitator.
Resuscitator is a rather fractious animal but could finally be coming to hand for the Coral TV Handicap at Lingfield (8.