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The last ERC Guidelines were published in 2010; in the 2015 Guidelines, changes have been made only if supported by scientific evidence or if the change would simplify the resuscitation process.
Other areas of interest include the choice of resuscitation fluid used in the forward environment.
The position statement was formulated as a response to the controversies that exist around family-witnessed CPR and the small number of intensive care units that had resuscitation policies that included guidance on family members' presence.
CPR is also associated with a return of a "shockable" heart rhythm, making defibrillation possible later in the resuscitation event.
With advanced technology and a resolve to support the resuscitation and emergency care community in saving lives, Philips has long been a champion for the advancement of research," said Derek Smith, senior vice president and general manager, Therapeutic Care, Philips Healthcare.
Another reason given for not allowing relatives to be present is the effect they may have on the resuscitation team.
2--Color) Her students gather around for a demonstration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, which teacher Gwen Hougo used on a young woman whose parents have repaid her heroism.
The new initiative will focus on tools and information to help providers better follow the AHA's 2010 Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC), released in October.
Nurses are the biggest group of health practitioners in New Zealand, and are often first on the scene at a resuscitation.
Research studies conducted with regard to the opinions of health professionals have showed that those approving of family presence said that it helped relatives to see the effort of the resuscitation team and that everything that could have been done had been done, which may lower the risk of litigation surrounding the resuscitation.
Until recently, training and education in resuscitation have received little attention in South Africa (SA).
Muscat, Apr 9 (ONA) Health Ministry organizes on April 22nd at Al Busatn Palace Hotel 1 Middle East American Heart Association (AHA) Resuscitation Conference.
THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT (ED) at Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital on Sydney's upper North Shore treats more than 30,000 patients a year, many arriving acutely ill and needing resuscitation.
In an effort to conduct research that would decrease unnecessary and potentially harmful cardiopulmonary resuscitation attempts, and facilitate subsequent translation into policy by our county, a health services research team formed an ongoing collaboration with leadership within the Los Angeles
In the event of cardiopulmonary arrest, the European Resuscitation Council Guidelines recommend airway protection, ideally with a cuffed endotracheal tube.