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reappear on the surface

cover with a new surface

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appear again

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OYO Sports debuted their popular minifigures for NHL teams in 2014 and now features over 450 products for the NHL, including players, NHL Mascots(TM), Zamboni Ice Resurfacer machines and a Vintage Hockey(TM) collection.
Pulmonary health effects among hockey players exposed to ice resurfacer emissions--Whitehall, Pennsylvania, 2002.
Jerry" Dykes, inventor of the Lighting Weeder which uses electrical charges to kill weeds in row crops and the Sportkoter, a motorized tennis court resurfacer, dies in his shop from a welding fire.
Suitable for heavy-duty interior and exterior exposure, Sikafloor[R] PurCem[R] polyurethane concrete resurfacer combines long-term resistance to impact, chemical attack, abrasion, thermal shock, and thermal cycling between -40[degrees]F and 240[degrees]F (live steam).
He's confident enough that he's secured a Zamboni ice resurfacer and placed an order for 700 pairs of skates.
In addition, Garon introduced Decorpoxy[TM], a decorative epoxy resurfacer, which is non-shrinking, quick setting and resistant to thermal and physical shock, abrasion, water, acids, alkalis and solvents.
Once the zamboni, or resurfacer as I'm supposed to call it (interesting that my computer knows 'zamboni' as a word but not 'resurfacer') was fixed the game got better and better and peaked in a thrilling finale.
recently unveiled a hydrogen fuel cell-powered eP-Ice Bear ice resurfacer at the University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) as part of a Hydrogen Energy Summit sponsored by U.
carries a full line of floor repair, coating and maintenance products that includes Joint Guard[TM] epoxy sealant for expansion joint repair, Treflite[TM] epoxy floor resurfacer and Hi~Gloss[TM] top coat.
Bosses in the Highways Department where he worked as a road resurfacer had wanted to sack him on medical grounds.
You will see the world's largest resurfacer and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the gigantic refrigeration system.
The culprit: too much nitrogen dioxide in the air due to a malfunctioning ice resurfacer.
The project includes brackets, boards, liner and resurfacer to construct a 100 ft.
For this 2-in-1 product--which features a Gentle Micro Resurfacer for skin surrounding the eye and Crease Filler designed to help flatten out the look of crow's feet--WWP designed unique applicators as well as tottles that can be taken apart and put back together in any fashion and the decoration is always visually correct.
The ice is built up in layers--in some cases using an ice resurfacer with water tanks.