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submit (information) again to a program or automatic system


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Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C) has said that it will not resubmit a capital plan to the Federal Reserve.
SHUSA, a first-time filer in the CCAR process in 2014, also announced that it would resubmit its capital plan under the CCAR after the FRB informed SHUSA that it objects to the plan due to qualitative aspects of the capital planning process.
Last night, an SMC spokesman said: "It's always open to a company to resubmit an application, but it would have to have new information, such as new evidence or an adjustment to the price.
Of course I am concerned that they plan to resubmit the application, but this delay will allow those opposed to better coordinate their objections.
The ICC has ignored its electoral process by asking Australia and New Zealand to resubmit its joint nomination after rejecting the former prime minister at yesterday's board meeting in Singapore.
Two of the reports recommended revise and resubmit (Examiners 1 and 3) and the third report (Examiner 2) recommended major corrections.
State to resubmit proposal for academic pilot program
But I'll resubmit the bill next term--along with one that says you shouldn't have to be an attorney to be Maine's Attorney General.
Authors are informed of the specific concerns expressed by the reviewers and are asked to complete the revisions and resubmit the manuscript.
Mejia announced that he would resubmit a draft to establish the norms on contracted public works.
THE committee members of the South Tipperary Anti-Incinerator Campaign called on National By-Products to resubmit its application when they met representatives of the company in the Cashel Palace Hotel on Wednesday night, writes Michael Clower.
Resubmit with patient's family history since 1850: lose 2 years.
The judge in Los Angeles told Officer Marcelo Rodriguez's lawyer, Mr Richard Thomas, to resubmit the lawsuit by February 22 if he could provide additional support for his claims.
You will then have the burden to resubmit your tax returns based on the correct information.
Sackner further added the Company has restructured its investigational plan with the guidance of an independent research group and determined that the Company would conduct a clinical trial as recommended by the FDA and resubmit the 510(K) with the new data for the Exer-Rest.