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Synonyms for restrictiveness

a grammatical qualification that makes the meaning more specific ('red hat' has a more specific meaning than 'hat')

a lack of permissiveness or indulgence and a tendency to confine behavior within certain specified limits

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Separatism - 11-32 (Cut-off score = 33) Stereotyping - 4-11 (12) Restrictiveness - 4-11 (12) Benevolence - 22-35 (22) Pessimistic prediction - 4-11 (12) Stigmatisation - 4-11 (12)
A vortex ejector which employs the vortex control to adjust motive nozzle restrictiveness differs from a conventional ejector in that an adjustable vortex is generated at the ejector motive inlet, as shown in Figure 3.
According to the OECD's 2013 product market regulation (PMR) index, the Netherlands shows the lowest aggregate value for regulatory restrictiveness, suggesting that Dutch regulations are on average the least restrictive in terms of the burden they create for established businesses and for investors and startups.
This study has found that students in their second year of nursing generally have neutral attitudes towards mental illness in relation to benevolence and mental hygiene ideology, but more negative attitudes in relation to authoritarianism, social restrictiveness and interpersonal aetiology.
Results from a national sample of 237 caregiver-child dyads suggest that while the primary caregivers' tendencies toward warmth and restrictiveness likely lessen children's play levels of violent videogames, their predispositions toward anxious emotional involvement tend to increase play.
Another member of the task force, however, suggested its restrictiveness is a problem.
Interesting, California's Proposition 13 has received a good deal of attention because of its restrictiveness, yet it is about 10 points less restrictive for municipalities than Colorado and California.
A simulated scenario in which South Africa reduces regulatory restrictiveness of professional services sectors suggests that the value added of industries which use these professional services intensively would increase by between $1.
Four subscales compose the CAMP Authoritarianism, Benevolence, Social Restrictiveness, and Community Mental Health Ideology.
As a response to Annapolis' reputation for restrictiveness for new construction and renovations, CLP's principals have made a strong effort, spending a considerable amount of time throughout the acquisition process, meeting with city officials to communicate their vision for the property and ensure that it becomes an integral part of the Annapolis community.
The research is limited by its sample size; only 19 people could be enrolled due to the expense of such research and the restrictiveness of the carefully controlled protocol.
In this study we present a quantitative measure of constitutional restrictiveness and explore the variation in this measure across the fifty state legislatures and the U.
A 2009 Rutgers University-Newark working paper, "Trade Openness and Income--a Re-examination," by economists Vlad Manole and Mariana Spatareanu, calculated the trade restrictiveness indices for 131 developed and developing countries between 1990 and 2004.
Some analysts said the process is limited by the restrictiveness of the telecommunications reforms, which have discouraged foreign media companies from investing in the sector.