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serving to restrict

(of tariff) protective of national interests by restricting imports

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As a result, importers and exporters should expect the CRA to continue to interpret Section 144 restrictively.
For example, an umbrella policy may define property damage more restrictively than an underlying CGL policy, exposing the insured to potential losses.
Restrictively high costs and burdensome procedures for registering and operating in the formal economy have blocked many entrepreneurs and workers from entering the formal sector.
A lawsuit could argue that, if Congress had intended to categorize all distributors of investment products as fiduciaries, it would have done so and that its choice of alternate language evidences an intent to define the term far more restrictively than the DOL would.
The dissent in Suprema and the majority in ClearCorrect interpret the "articles that infringe" language restrictively, opining that Section 337 pertains only to tangible goods that must infringe at the time of importation.
Even more restrictively, the MH-60R integrated electronic technical manuals (IETMs) dictate an error limit of plus or minus 60 feet before maintenance action is required on the BARALT.
The ECJ has also pointed out that in the light of the objective of Directive 95, the right to privacy, with respect to the processing of personal data, cannot be interpreted restrictively.
We've also had it with the stigmatizing and discriminatory "carve-out" status that allows insurance companies to treat reimbursement for psychiatric services more restrictively than for other medical and surgical specialties.
Today, however, "business intelligence" is often used more restrictively.
Given the sensitivities involved when the country is going through a sensitive process of national reconciliation, restrictively targeting a specific group of people from a particular community or region can lead to a perpetuation of mistrust among communities, seriously hampering reconciliation efforts.
However, such connections are really only established in the section on The Pale King; the remaining overviews of Wallace's 'millennial fictions' are too restrictively focused on their individual subjects to qualify as integral parts of a guide to Infinite Jest.
This treatment is thematic rather than restrictively historical in its remit, but Irvine embeds historical development within each chapter, and these progress logically as he traces the streams of blood which flow down the wood of the cross and joins the blood spots which spatter people, places and objects, to map out the dense symbolism of sacrifice and renewal.
The Air Force argued that these rules should be rejected because "in the military environment, search and seizure is a very fluid area of the law," and the adoption of MRE governing search and seizure might bind the Air Force more restrictively than case law.
Because of this, the European commission has restrictively approached the NUTS regions change proposals, the nomenclature changes being limited to a frequency of maximum 3 years.
In this regard, one might wonder whether the community that "owns" the blues should not be defined more restrictively than the whole black race.