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restricting the scope or freedom of action

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Librarians have taken steps to restrict the viewing of objectionable materials on our computers, as well as restricting potential criminal activities.
Since the 1930s, researchers have collected evidence that restricting the diets of rodents and invertebrates can extend their lives and delay the onset of age-related illnesses.
1361-1(l)(1) requires all outstanding shares of stock to confer identical rights to distribution and liquidation proceeds, buy-sell agreements among shareholders, agreements restricting the transferability of stock and redemption agreements generally are disregarded in determining whether a corporation's outstanding stock confers identical distribution and liquidation rights, unless a principal purpose of the agreement is to circumvent the one-class-of-stock requirement of Sec.
By restricting land use through a conservation easement, the value of the land drops to $200,000.
87, Restricting the Use of an Auditor's Report, helps answer these questions.
It does this by prohibiting the hiring of certain physicians, by prohibiting the enforcement of restrictions on certain physicians' discretion to end their employment with SMHS, by limiting SMHS's right to impose restrictive covenants on certain currently employed physicians who cease their employment with SMHS, and by prohibiting SMHS from restricting the access or admitting privileges of certain qualified physicians.
On the other hand, emerging theories of sexual harassment and the need to implement prudent policies to prevent sexually hostile and abusive work environments counsel in favor of restricting certain co-worker relationships, particularly those between a supervisor and a subordinate.
Despite its deceptive title, the initiative threatens the future of agriculture in Santa Clara County by restricting farmers' and ranchers' ability to construct on-site processing and storage facilities, constraining their ability to obtain financing to adjust to changing market conditions, and restricting their ability to pass their property on to adult children," said Jenny Derry, executive director of the Santa Clara County Farm Bureau.
Fifty-five percent of the 300 in the poll, which city officials called the first in a weekly Internet series on various issues, said they want an ordinance restricting RV parking, and 45 percent - many of them displaying strong feelings about their property rights - do not.
The American Institute of CPAs auditing standards board issued a proposed Statement on Auditing Standards, Restricting the Use of an Auditor's Report, that provides guidance to auditors on restricted-use reports.
The authority also provided 2003 bondholders with a negative additional debt covenant restricting the issuance of additional debt until 50% of the airlines (by landed weight) sign a new lease agreement.