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a chemical that is added to a photographic developer in order to retard development and reduce the amount of fog on a film

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Wu, "Earthquake response of bridge restrainers considering failure of bearings," Journal of Zhejiang University, vol.
Group B was given immobilization stress by keeping them in wire mesh restrainers locally fabricated consisting of 10 compartments.
Prayer provides a means of repentance and is a restrainer from shameful and unjust deeds.
Each mouse was held in a suitable restrainer with whole tail extending out.
The reptile had a blanket on its head and had its mouth held shut with a restrainer but it still managed to more or less headbutt the vet, knocking him over and splitting his lip in a burst of scarlet blood.
Briefly, the mice were placed in a temperature-controlled restrainer with heating pad for at least 15 min.
The rat was kept for 15 mins inside a loose fitting perpex restrainer with tail outside, for acclimatization before starting the experiment.
We used a restraint stress protocol in which the rats were placed in a well-ventilated restrainer that prevented movement without harming the animal.
In the present study, the use of a hog restrainer probably reduced the ease of measurement of heart girth resulting in a lower correlation with weight compared to that reported in literature.
Mice (n = 5 per group) were restrained in a plastic tube restrainer. Occlusion and volume-pressure recording (VPR) cuffs were placed over the tail, and the mice were allowed to adapt to the restrainer for 5 min prior to starting BP measurement.
In brief, a beam of light was focused on the dorsal surface of the mouse tail using tail flick apparatus with appropriate tail flick mice restrainer (Hugo Sachs Elektronik, Germany) and the time until the tail flicked was measured.
Briefly, the animal was placed in the NIBP restrainer and an appropriate cuff with sensor was then mounted on its tail and warmed to about 33- 35degC.
(Geldner, RV 1: 71) Geldner takes vavri- to have the meaning 'restraining, restrainer' in this passage, which would then provide an instance of the original meaning of this formation, in contrast to the lexicalized meaning 'shell'.
Stoploss Restrainer Hooks are offered in a 4/0 size weighing 1/8 ounce, and a 2/0 size weighing 3/32 ounce.