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Hence, the prime focus of the current study is to examine a food-related memory bias in restrained eaters.
All five students who were physically restrained in Bethel were white.
Hypothesis 1: Body dissatisfaction will significantly predict restrained eating.
More recently, Stroebe, Mensink, Aarts, Schut and Kruglanski (2008) introduced the 'Goal Conflict Model of Eating' to explain what makes restrained eaters fail when presented with external, tempting (food) cues.
Gareth, aged 15, from Stoke-on-Trent, was the first child to die while being restrained in custody when he choked to death at the Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre in April 2004.
Eventually, they cornered the subject, and a physical altercation developed during which officers restrained and handcuffed him.
The mean age of the unrestrained children was significantly older than that of the restrained children (8.
In addition, the overall cost of care for the unrestrained children was significantly greater than that of the restrained children ($14,754 vs.
The emergency room doctor ordered a catheterization, and the officers restrained the arrestee during the brief procedure.
Stephanie Jobin died in a group home in 1998 after staff restrained her under a bean bag for 20 minutes.
Now either that works out at 15 handcuffs per person restrained or we have a huge community of fetishists amongst crew.
When Plaintiff was in the holding cell, totally restrained, Defendant [Deputy Sheriff Donald] Ware returned to the outside of the cell and sprayed pepper spray underneath the door," says the legal complaint that Stone filed against Ware, Cherokee County, and two other jail employees (the suit is currently in court).
While he was incarcerated in Anamosa State Penitentiary, Kelvin Key was restrained in handcuffs and leg shackles for 24 hours for throwing water on a correctional officer.
In short, too many residents were restrained and too many residents were falling.
the home address of the petitioner and the address of any other place where the respondent is specifically restrained from contacting the petitioner