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  • verb

Synonyms for restore

Synonyms for restore

to bring back into existence or use

to cause to come back to life or consciousness

to impart renewed energy and strength to (a person)

to put (someone) in the possession of a prior position or office

to send, put, or carry back to a former location

Synonyms for restore

return to its original or usable and functioning condition

give or bring back

bring back into original existence, use, function, or position

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Tape libraries have been the primary technology deployed in traditional backup and restore environments.
In many instances, it can take a whole day to recover your data partially, and restore your server.
However, backup files are large and sequential, which means that restores are much more demanding than other types of file requests.
When data loss occurs due to physical damage to a computer, it can take countless hours of adjustments to restore user settings, applications, application and operating system updates, as well as application and operating system configurations to their previous state--unless you have been diligent about creating disaster recovery CDs regularly.
Only then can a previous file-by-file backup tape be read to recover lost files and/or restore the Registry of the failed machine.
July 2000--TSM V4.1 introduces new functions such as support for mobile systems backup, LAN-free backup and restore of data using a SAN environment, and Windows 2000 exploitation and support.
In conjunction with Tivoli Storage Manager, this module allows database servers to continue running their primary applications while they back up and restore data to and from offline storage.
Another type of backup strategy, Progressive Backup, allows for speedy incremental backups, but uses a different technique to provide accurate restores that do not place unwanted deleted, moved, or renamed files and folders back onto a drive.
Durham, NC, November 12, 2015 --( Habitat for Humanity ReStore Serving Durham and Orange Counties, located at 5510 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd., will honor, thank, and support local military heroes in a special way.
Doors and windows stood in loose piles at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore in Stratford, Connecticut.
Recovery time increases with the number of tapes to restore, so many users prefer a daily full backup of Exchange if their backup window permits.
He has made the birth date of Dzerzhinsky's infamous Cheka, December 20, a day of national celebration as "Security Organs Day." In 2002, Putin and Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov proposed to restore Dzerzhinsky's statue to Lubyanka Square, but dropped the plan due to overwhelming popular sentiment against it.
In Galilee, which in Mark represents the place where God heals and restores, Jesus' followers are empowered by the Spirit to serve (cf.
If that, too, fails, the last tool is Automated System Recovery, which restores critical system settings and files associated with the operating system.
Barkow Leibinger's scheme restores, in contemporary form, the city's destroyed fabric.