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Synonyms for restorative

serving to cure

a medicine that restores or increases vigor

Synonyms for restorative

a medicine that strengthens and invigorates

a device for treating injury or disease

tending to impart new life and vigor to

promoting recuperation


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Restorative justice referrals for family violence and sexual offence matters will most often occur after an offender has entered a plea or the matter has been dealt with in court.
com, Little Rock Classes: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Prenatal, Hot, Restorative, Early Morning, Late Evening, Private Classes, Yin, Kids Yoga, Yoga for Tweens
2 million restorative crown, bridge, and custom implant cases enabled by the iTero scanner to date, Align Technology continues to increase its investment in digital restorative workflows.
To demonstrate the potential value of restorative justice pedagogy, we will trace the origins of the approach to the justice system and outline how restorative principles have been taken up in educational contexts.
Three direct restorative materials were selected for this study: Biodentine (Septodont,France) , composite(master fill), GIC(Kemdent, UK).
Restorative Justice Council chief executive Jon Collins insisted the method works.
This merger comes following the passing of Anne Rogers, a pioneer and leader in the field of Restorative Justice in Colorado and the nation, who was the founder of Restorative Solutions.
Evidence shows that offenders who meet their victims in a restorative justice process are less likely to reoffend.
The program, which started 10 years ago, marks a step away from zero-tolerance policies, which have proven to be ineffective at improving behavior and often drive students into the school-to-prison pipeline, says David Yusem, Oakland USD's restorative justice program manager.
The awareness campaign followed International Restorative Justice Week last month.
This paper aims to provide support for post-secondary institutions' exploring and implementing restorative justice in their judicial practices.
AN INTERNATIONAL campaign to introduce restorative justice has been backed by Cleveland Police and the area's crime commissioner.
Restorative justice has its origins in centuries-old practices of the Aboriginal people of North America, the Maori of New Zealand, as well as people in parts of Africa.
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