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  • verb

Synonyms for restitute

to give back, especially money

Synonyms for restitute

give or bring back

restore to a previous or better condition


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In Certeze, Satu Mare County, local authorities, pressured by Orthodox priests, continued to refuse, under various pretexts, to restitute a piece of land to the Greek Catholic Church for the construction of a church.
In that case, it would be unjust, and there would be obligation to restitute [the amount] lacking for the lowest just price; because if the price paid for the coins were below the price of the silver sold in ingots, the contract would certainly be unjust and there would be obligation to restitute.
Flitcraft's attempt to decolonize his life, to rid it of everything that men at one point to be clean, orderly, sane, and responsible, ends n failure, because he restitutes a subjectivity that cannot but fall into the apparent cleanliness, orderliness, sanity, and responsibility that can only produce themselves as such at the cost of a fundamental omission: the omission of the real, as the essential out-of-stepness of history itself.
Next I will examine how Rousseau can restitute the saine, unvarying "ur" text of nature at different times in Emile's growth.
There needs to be a commitment that where claims are found there is a commitment to restitute the property.
What Ligeti wrote in the introduction to his edition of 1966 is still true: "Useful as are the late copies of the translation of 1305 we know today, at present it is impossible to restitute with their aid the original text without any doubt whatever.
Hungary, a World War II-era ally of Nazi Germany, has held the artworks since the genocide of its Jewish population and continues to circumvent justice by refusing to restitute the artworks.
He says the Government of Liberia has determined that it is appropriate and the right thing to do is to restitute the full amount.
An apology in the absence of a willingness to restitute for wrongs committed is worthless and does nothing other than further upset and cause pain to the families concerned".
He added that the sought law must restitute to lawmakers their role in practicing legislative work and monitoring the executive power.
The man, believed to be of Saudi origin, was also ordered to pay a fine of 48,000 Kuwaiti dinars (Dh584,847) and restitute 24,000 dinars (Dh292,423) to the state
by Ahmad Quraishi on 1 October, 2014 - 16:51 KABUL (Pajhwok): President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai on Wednesday issued a decree, directing relevant state institutions to immediately address the Kabul bank issue and restitute its assets.
This convention will help Tunisia restitute the embezzled funds abroad," he specified at a news conference.
Officials accused of commercial crimes can apply for amnesty in case they agree to restitute the caused financial loss for the state.
So, too, is his mastery of tone: The deadpan way in which Porumboiu depicts the hapless as they attempt to restitute history never succumbs to derisive irony.