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  • verb

Synonyms for restitute

to give back, especially money

Synonyms for restitute

give or bring back

restore to a previous or better condition


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While this law enables the many restitution lawsuits to proceed, the law itself does not restitute properties to the Greek Catholic Church.
I would like to caution that what Soto and Covarrubias declare, that is, that once the law that prohibits collecting anything for petty exchange is promulgated there is obligation to restitute if anything were received, is a complex issue, as we could be dealing here with the just price received for the service involved in the exchange.
And I write this as if language could restitute the breakage--
Former President Lissouba was also ordered to "restitute" to Congolese authorities his Paris townhouse in the chic 17th arrondissement, not far from the Parc Monceau and the Champs-Elysees, which he allegedly purchased with FF18m ($2.4m) of misappropriated public funds.
Gerbino-Rosen treats have a history of trauma, which compels them to seek pregnancy to restitute an experience.
There needs to be a commitment that where claims are found there is a commitment to restitute the property."
The Liberian Senate wants the ongoing salary harmonization by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning halted immediately until otherwise ordered.The Senate reached a decision here Tuesday, 27 August after heated debate during its regular session to write the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning immediately to halt the exercise that is affecting all sectors of government, and to restitute civil servants' salaries that were significantly cut, pending passage of the FY 2019/20 National Budget.
As for his civil liability, he was ordered to restitute the amount P411,000 to the municipality of Pollilo, Quezon with legal interest until its full satisfaction.
The convicts were also ordered to restitute to their victims the money they fraudulently collected from their victims, and also to forfeit all the items recovered from them to the Federal government of Nigeria.
I was dismayed when I read that Secretary Sonny Dominguez was quoted to have said that he was considering tapping the World Bank for a $500-million loan to help restitute the damage left by Ompong.
Moreover, the court also directed the appellants to restore and restitute the position, as it stood when the first restraining order was issued in their case, respectively, dismantling and removing the said mills from the present location within a period of three from starting from September 22 2017.
It can also restitute funds to the state treasury and to register property and assets as state property.
"An apology in the absence of a willingness to restitute for wrongs committed is worthless and does nothing other than further upset and cause pain to the families concerned".