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the attribute of being restful

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Jotun's new colour collection aspires to create homes instilled with vibrant energies and soothing restfulness.
In addition, the system analyzes the depth or restfulness of sleep in each stage: light, REM, and deep.
Having a room dedicated for sleeping engenders an atmosphere of restfulness for the kids and the playroom/bedroom provides a place for their active times and also offers some privacy if needed.
Have a day of rest after the work week when you take a break from electronic messaging, even for an evening, and enjoy in gratitude and restfulness the good things in your life.
Sleep quality measures both objective and subjective outcomes of the sleep such as depth, restfulness of sleep, and feelings after awakening.
Peace after restfulness, rest after pain, we would not awaken you to suffer again, love family and close friends.
Particularly in cancer patients, restfulness was shown to improve mood and well-being in a similar study (J Clin Oncol.
Insomnia: Lavender essence massaged on your face, neck and shoulders invites restfulness.
See, for instance, Beal 2001, 4-5: "If heimlich refers to that which belongs within the four walls of the house, inspiring feelings of restfulness and security, then unheimlich refers to that which threatens one's sense of 'at-home-ness,' not from the outside but from within the house.
Earlier this winter, another paper described how televisions and "small screens" (for example, smartphones and tablets) in the room at night can decrease sleep duration and restfulness (Pediatrics 2015 [doi:10.
Such restfulness would easily fit as a virtue of temperance in the categories of Peterson and Seligman (2004).
Downes's creative method of comparing markings on a score of the Fourth Symphony with a recording of Britten conducting the work might suggest Britten's interest in "the coexistence of restfulness, instability, crudity and sophistication" (p.
Quevedo plays with, or against, the idea of sleep as a period of restfulness, for in these dreams the soul tires itself out.
Any suggestion of restfulness is misleading, however.