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Synonyms for restatement

the act or process of repeating

a restating of something in other, especially simpler, words

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Following restatement announcements, companies typically file restatements by amending their previously issued financial statements for the periods affected (known as "Big R" restatements).
Thus, we focus on surveying post-SOX company restatements and provide analyses regarding their consequences by investigating specific restatement characteristics and management behavior.
publicly listed companies are restating financial filings more often, but the reasons for restatements have shifted from fraud and revenue to regulatory and accounting issues in recent years.
8 percent, restatement announcements identified grew about 67 percent over this period.
Despite such difficulty, certain general principles have evolved in numerous cases applying the restatement rule.
The largest financial restatement for each of the last three years was disclosed by a foreign registrant.
The number of restatements has declined significantly since its peak in 2006, the number of accounting issues underlying each restatement reported has also decreased, and the percent age of restatements involving revenue recognition has leveled off to 10% of restatement volume for the last several years.
Cheney writes that shareholders "can't help but wonder whether the restatement is a case of accounting confusion or shenanigans.
Regulations concerning audit documentation, financial statement restatement reporting and non-CPA ownership recently passed by the CBA will take effect once approved by the Office of Administrative Law.
Specifically, the report explores the number of, reasons for and other trends in financial statement restatements since 1997; analyzes the impact of restatement announcements on the restating companies' stock market capitalization; identifies available data to determine the impact of financial statement restatements on investors' confidence in the existing U.
The court analyzed this claim under Restatement (second) of Torts, section 552.
The restatement was initiated due to an accounting matter related to the Company's historical treatment of certain inventory related costs.
Therefore, not only does the incentive exist for companies to do their best to reduce the transparency or limit the disclosure prominence of restatements, but it is even greater if the restatement involves a core operating account.
It explained that such a restatement could reduce its earnings by seven to eight cents a share--more than the company had previously forecast--which could cause it to default on its credit agreement.