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Synonyms for restate

to state again

to express the meaning of in other, especially simpler, words

Synonyms for restate

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SSWA Secretary-General, Ambassador Esam Awad Mutawali, stressed the SSWA keenness to provide services that meet the expatriates' desires and needs, pointing out that the signing of MOU with Ula Restate Company was a further step for realizing desires and aspirations of the Sudanese working abroad, especially after approval of the first package of incentives.
Related topics include corporate governance issues, which may create a weak internal control environment (McCarty, 1999; Abbott & Parker, 2004; Kinney et al., 2004; Agrawal & Chadha, 2005; Aier et al., 2005; Krishnan, 2005), characteristics of companies that restate earnings (Kinney & McDaniel, 1989; Defond & Jiambalvo, 1991; Richardson et al., 2002; Ge & McVay, 2005), earnings persistence and the type of accounts restated (Cottle et al., 1988; Penman, 2001; Bradshaw & Sloan, 2002; Palmrose & Scholz, 2004).
Bellemare Visits Shami, Restates Commitment of Tribunal
* With that audit underway, OFHEO suggested that it had already turned up accounting problems, warning the market that Fannie might have to restate its financial reports for previous years.
The EDA software supplier said it would restate income and earnings for fiscal 2002 and the first three quarters of 2003 but called the impact immaterial.
You can use it to restate the offer, direct prospects to the order device or into the body of the letter, of in some cases to restate a deadline for responding.
Riverstone Networks Inc, will restate revenue for two fiscal years by a total of almost $100m, the company, which is in the midst of internal and Securities and Exchange Commission accounting reviews, said yesterday.
Rite Aid didn't restate earnings for 1997 as it had
An accounting error has forced Switzerland's largest life insurer, Swiss Life, to restate its first-half losses.
What are the two most obvious "obviosities" that one might restate to a group of seminarians?
To qualify for the revenue procedure's provisions, the employer must either (1) adopt the M&P plan before the end of the GUST remedial amendment period or, also before the end of the GUST remedial amendment period, (2) execute (along with the M&P plan sponsor or a volume-submitter sponsor) a written certification that it intends to amend or restate its plan by adopting the GUST-approved M&P or volume-submitter specimen plan, and have the sponsor submit an application for a complete GUST opinion or advisory letter for the M&P plan or volume-submitter specimen plan by Dec.
"Given the substantial time, effort and expense devoted over the last seven months to review, assess, reconcile, prepare and audit financial statements for fiscal 2000, 1999 and 1998, management believes it would require an unreasonable effort and expense to conduct a similar process to restate fiscal 1997," says the spokeswoman.
Finally, it is important to restate that, in the face of apparent irregularities in the marketplace, securities and bank regulators already have access to individual dealer firms' books, records, and trading systems.
The IFRS 15 restate does not change the planning assumptions presented in the fourth quarter 2017 report, being based on the 2017 numbers before the IFRS 15 restate.