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The rest period for the cured specimens was 07 days.
Seventy-two hours after the final testing session, the subjects underwent three sessions for the machine chest fly exercise and the biceps curl exercise with 3 sets for each exercise with a 1-, 2-, or 4-min rest period. The rest protocol order was determined by a random cross-over design.
As you improve, you can increase the ratio to 1:2, 1:1, and eventually can work for longer periods and have shorter rest periods.
That means a rest period of around a month for the men who feature in all forms of the game for England.
Abu Dhabi: The UAE delegation successfully spearheaded a re-vote on the rest period for endurance horses between competitions in the revision of Rules for Endurance which have been ratified by the FEI's General Assembly and will be introduced from January 2009.
The FTR specified that employees qualify to use premium class travel for flights exceeding 14 hours if they had no rest stop en route or rest period at their destination.
Unless an employer and qualifying employee otherwise agree, the employee must be given a 30-minute rest period for every four hours worked to express breast milk.
A rest period caused the limb to displace in the socket approximately 4.8 mm during subsequent walking trials, possibly reflecting limb enlargement and thus a more proximal position in the socket after the rest period.
ENGLISH rugby's civil war flared up again last night when the RFU effectively fined Leicester, Sale and champions Wasps a total of pounds 120,000 for flouting the 11-week player rest period.
Although the one thing Wilkinson needs desperately is matches after playing a handful of games over the last two seasons, he appears to be caught in the catch 22 situation which decrees that, having been an England player on the British Lions summer tour to New Zealand, he must have a full 11-week rest period between the end of that tour and resuming full-time playing.
This type of yoga is an aerobic form with no rest period between poses and diminished spiritual and meditative components.
And one nurse worked 42 hours when she was supposed to be on annual leave, according to claims by Unison, who say many NHS boards are breaching the Working Time Directive, stating there must be an 11-hour rest period between shifts.
Instead, try to use rest period and invite the group into your office or home.
Intermittent leaching is described by successive cycles, each consisting of 2 periods: a water-application or displacement period and a rest period. There are, however, distinct differences between a soil that remains saturated throughout each leaching cycle and one that drains during each rest period.
All workers are given a rest period at least every four hours, and some refuse to take anything but a lunch break.