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designated paved area beside a main road where cars can stop temporarily

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The 'Xishan Cyclist Rest Area,' located at Lane 71 of Zhishan Road Section 3, is Taipei City's first rest area for cyclists traveling in the mountainous region.
A Guardia Civil spokesman said: "We seized more than 18 kilos of cannabis resin at a rest area adjoining the A4 motorway from Andalucia to Madrid.
It will be widened from Bab Al Shams Hotel (in Dubai International Endurance City) to the roundabout of the rest area of the cycling track on Al Qudra Road, to comprise two lanes in each direction.
She was relaxing in the cabin crew rest area wherein six business class seats are allotted for cabin crew to rest during the flight.
owner of Mills Falls at the Lake in Meredith--the northbound and southbound rest areas will each feature a 20,000-square-foot state liquor store, an interactive visitor center, a food court with all New Hampshire-based restaurants, a country store, more than 300 parking spaces, 16 fuel pumps and a dog-walking park.
Our main focus is public safety and helping travelers to have a good experience as they pass through our rest areas," said Jason Nash, director of rest area operations for Oregon Travel Experience.
Arabtec, the UAE's largest construction company, has ordered that Bangladeshi and Pakistani workers must use separate rest areas and cannot congregate in large groups, one worker told 7DAYS.
The rest area was a popular stopping spot last night where motorists gassed up cars, fueled themselves with food and coffee and made restroom visits in droves.
Kuala Lumpur, Oct 26 (ANI): A shopping mall in Singapore has put up notices banning couples from getting cozy and kissing in the rest area.
Summary: Tangier - HM King Mohammed VI laid, on Tuesday in the commune of Hjar Enhal (Tangier), the foundation stone to build the "Tangier Mediterranean" rest area, worth an estimated 97 million dirhams ($10.
3 billion will provide parking space to 1200 vehicles at one time in addition besides shops,restaurant,offices and rest area for staff and drivers.
Snake sightings in mid-July prompted the closing of a rest area near Corning, just west of Exit 43 on Interstate 86.
Ener1 recently announced it has received a $550,000 grant from the Florida Hydrogen Initiative to develop a renewable energy source that will power a rest area on an interstate highway in Florida.
Later that day, after completing his route, he was on his way back to Waste Management of Central Michigan when he stopped at a rest area.
And according to Cellucci spokesman Jason Kauppi, "The concern was that a family may feel they could not stop at a rest area safely and free from seeing something they may not want to see.