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Synonyms for responsiveness

ready acceptance of often new suggestions, ideas, influences, or opinions

Synonyms for responsiveness

responsive to stimulation

the quality of being responsive

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Output Compression - Reduces output bandwidth by up to 90 percent for better responsiveness and reduced load
Kalido is focused on addressing this need and increasing the trust and responsiveness in decision-making processes.
As a result, the company realized increased customer service levels, improved visibility and responsiveness to exceptions, and increased planner productivity.
With the Prague facility dedicated to operational support excellence, we are drawing on resources in the region to attract eager, highly qualified local engineering talent that will ensure a rapid response time for our customers, further committing our corporate resources to enhancing our reputation for superior customer responsiveness and satisfaction across Europe.
EpicTide is a leader in solutions that help organizations increase their security responsiveness, automate compliance and reduce associated costs.
Applications such as this save time for field and clerical personnel and reduce administrative costs while increasing the responsiveness to citizens.
Gary Larson, President said, "We've always tried to nurture a culture of responsiveness as a basic premise of the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) business that we are in.
Adomo's addition of enhanced speech recognition capabilities delivers a superior caller and user experience, while one-number 'Find Me, Follow Me' call routing increases organizational responsiveness.
The new AgencyPortal Renewal and Endorsement component allows for more streamlined, electronic workflow between LWCC's agents and underwriters, significantly improving responsiveness and accuracy while decreasing processing costs.
Keynote competitive intelligence service level studies probe much deeper into the reliability and responsiveness of leading Web sites in a particular industry than do the Web transaction performance indices.
As SOA applications evolve to support more and more cross-functional business processes, customers need a unified, integrated approach to SOA information analysis and change management to ensure coordinated agility and responsiveness to business needs.
The joint survey asked beneficial owners to evaluate their service providers in ten areas: income generation, reporting and transparency, handling of corporate actions/dividends, relationship management/client service, technology, risk management, settlement and responsiveness to recalls, costs, responsiveness to new positions, and creditworthiness.
By organizing local field engineering and operations contacts, FiberTower provides unmatched levels of local customer responsiveness and account management.
Masimo announced the findings of a recently published study in which researchers at Bulent Ecevit University in Zonguldak, Turkey compared two noninvasive methods of predicting fluid responsiveness in mechanically ventilated patients in the intensive care unit: Masimo PVi and dIVC.
Intercultural Responsiveness in the Second Language Learning Classroom