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being the agent or cause


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He is one of the body responsible for the planet's traffic, and for that reason must not be interfered with.
A council to a magistrate, who is himself responsible for what he does, are generally nothing better than a clog upon his good intentions, are often the instruments and accomplices of his bad and are almost always a cloak to his faults.
Those who are responsible for the third degree of the Order of the Yellow Crayon, and for your Majesty's ignorance concerning its existence, have trifled with the destiny of the greatest sovereign of modern times.
Sabin said firmly, "is responsible for the existence of the third degree.
My Hancock Fire Brigade experience was very little responsible for this.
She hath her eye, her laugh, and even her golden angle-rod: am I responsible for it that both are so alike?
Whatever the mistake may be," she said, "you are responsible for it.
in spite of his recent disclaimer) be in some way responsible for it.
All found guilty was responsible for the killin'; or none was responsible.
To speak seriously, it is perhaps possible that my German training was in some degree responsible for the labyrinth of useless speculations in which I now involved myself.
Toru Tsuda, currently vice president and senior officer responsible for products development and tire products development, is now responsible for products development, tire products development, tire research and material development.
While I acknowledge this criticism, I would prefer to foster the development of some civic awareness at the end of a service learning experience, even if it is simply at the level of feeling responsible for recycling newspapers or giving blood or donating food to the food pantry rather than no civic awareness.
and Albert Raymond, were responsible for arranging three loans totaling $37,925,000 in financing through Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.
SAF/IA is directly responsible for oversight and advocacy of the U.
Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund program, which oversees the cleanup of toxic waste sites, has relied on a trust fund to pay for so-called "orphan" sites--places where the parties potentially responsible for the pollution have gone out of business or no longer exist.
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