response time

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the time that elapses between a stimulus and the response to it

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Response time was tested for three capacitive types and three resistive types.
The 20-day response time is clearly inadequate, especially when multiple IDRs are issued, requiring significant amounts of information that need detailed analysis.
The nature of an IDR will often dictate its response time.
Conversely, video-on-demand applications are less sensitive to response time, but more sensitive to throughput performance.
With the appropriate genetic make-up and the physical work previously discussed, your athletes will be primed for greater quickness and improved response time.
In this case, the feed-forward feature seeks to eliminate the effects of response time on velocity-to-pressure transition.
It was hypothesized that when users are faced with poor or inconsistent system response time, they become anxious and less productive.
With so much invested in its PLM application deployments, Hubbell Lighting needed to find a cost-effective solution to significantly improve application response times over the WAN," said Gareth Taube, vice president worldwide marketing, Certeon.
The ultimate capabilities of a storage subsystem to provide minimum I/O request response times in this environment is documented by the SPC-1 LRT result.
One key to Solvetech's gauging approach is a high-frequency signal, which offers response times short enough to see MD changes on webs moving as fast as 1000 ft/min, Lawrence says.
NetliView continuously monitors business-critical, Netli-optimized applications to provide visibility into application response time and health.
We have reduced our response time to emergency calls a large amount.
In the Valley, the average response time dropped from 11.
By reducing the network traffic, Certeon can significantly reduce the application response time and increase the number of users remotely accessing applications over the WAN.
Los Angeles police reported on Monday a 34 percent drop in response time for emergency calls, just one week after revamping dispatch procedures to allow officers to respond to more emergency calls with their lights and sirens.
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