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Synonyms for respondent

a person against whom an action is brought

Synonyms for respondent

the codefendant (especially in a divorce proceeding) who is accused of adultery with the corespondent



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A Decree by the Apostolic Signatura of May 6, 1993, states, "The practice of the Petitioner's tribunal directly contacting and hearing the Respondent cannot he allowed.
An enforcement proceeding is initiated by filing and serving on the respondent a notice of intention to prohibit.
One respondent opined that the ability to intervene clinically to address early signs of toxicologic insult was far off.
Refusals can be reduced by attempting to develop a better rapport with the respondent, including explaining the purpose of the study and how it can be beneficial to the respondent, assuring confidentiality, reducing question sensitivity or asking sensitive questions in a different way.
Of the 218 respondents, majors were represented as follows: early childhood education (20), elementary education (87), special education (37), physical education (30), music education (9), and secondary education (35).
Finally, Applicants request the institution of criminal proceedings against the Respondent George Bush for committing the international crime of genocide by the appropriate international organs and by all States of the World Community under their respective municipal legal systems.
The commercial producers surveyed in the Commercial Producer Project were broken into three main groups: 1) mid-sized producers ($100,000 to $499,999 1997 gross sales); 2) typical large producers (85 percent of the respondents with gross sales exceeding $500,000); and 3) extra-large producers (top 15 percent of the respondents with gross sales exceeding $500,000).
Respondents ranked the effect of e-commerce on residential, commercial, hotel, office, industrial and retail markets.
At Minneapolis-based Commodity Specialists, for example, respondent Philip Lindau, president and chief executive, notes that "by involving front-line employees, we determined early on that one size did not fit all our businesses, and that helped us move to more specialized applications and-off-the-shelf programs better suited to us than that which we had started designing ourselves.
0%) indicated that the assistance they received from DBS was "moderately" to "extremely helpful" while they were in college (no respondent endorsed "Not at all helpful").
The respondents have been in their current positions for an average of 6.
Differences between the perceptions of the Literacy Committee and the perceptions of district-wide respondents are not evident for survey other questions, however.
Yet, 37 (47%) of 79 respondents have reported no cases and 32 (41%) of 79 have reported 1 to 5 cases annually.
Respondents were asked about their demographic characteristics, sexual experience, contraceptive use and parents' knowledge of their clinic visit, and about what they would do if clinics were legally required to notify parents when teenagers got prescription birth control.
Respondents in the corrugated sector reported the highest median income for 2002--$115,000, which is $9250 over the overall median income shown in Fig.