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Synonyms for resplendency

Synonyms for resplendency

brilliant radiant beauty

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Puritanical impulses have likewise surfaced in cultures removed from the old monotheist centres, and the ancient Buddhist revolution in India could be seen as a puritanical reaction to the background resplendency. The edicts of Indian Emperor Ashoka (3rd century BC) give the flavour of a kind of Protestant Reformation within Hinduism.
Gulliver is later called upon to aid an insolvent government, and his plan involves picking the subjects' pockets: he calls the nobles' attention to the fact that Lilliput is "overrun with wealth," but that "the resplendency, necessary elegance, and ease of aristocracy, is sullied and debased by those general errors.
Resplendency and gloom--a cleft domain and equally we strive to read the twain.
in this triumph of evil over all that Sugar-Groove thought he was coming to see of the resplendency of radiance, Sugar-Groove now was into the total rage, terror, and dangerous fear within the loathsome monster's eyes: the jails, butchery, and savagery locked away there, the heinous Herod, the heil Hitler, and the slaver's vows ...